5 Free Workflow Productivity Tools That Help Your Social Media Strategy

Having an effective social media strategy that is ran smoothly online, whether it is by a single individual or an online communication team, takes a lot more than knowing the passwords for the company’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts. There are other online productivity tools that can make your social media strategy much more effective, leading […]

Blogging and Taxes: Getting your Taxes Done on Time

Being a freelancer is a serious business on its own and so are the taxes that go with gigs like blogging. Yes, taxes are not fun, they can snuff the life out of you if they’re all left undone. But really, all you need is to devote a day or even a couple of hours […]

The Pyramid of Legal Conflict

Whenever the Supreme Court rules on an important or a controversial case, the media is often out in full force and the nation, or at least those interested in that area of law, are watching very closely for the decision. The reasons are clear. A Supreme Court decision is just that, supreme. It can not […]

Social Media Burnout, Exhausted Dog

How to Prevent Social Media Fatigue

Social media fatigue or burnout is becoming more and more of a problem for both consumers and businesses, as the availability of new and exciting social media networking sites like Pinterest and Instagram are gaining millions of users a month. However, for most people, there is a tipping point between being able to handle it […]

5 Bad Pieces of Legal Advice Bloggers Get Regularly

When it comes to the Web, there are a lot of people out there willing to give you free legal advice. Unfortunately, much of it is outright wrong and it can be very dangerous. While, fortunately, many of these legal misconceptions have been slowly dying off as the Web has become more and more aware […]

Buy Links for SEO or not

Links, and in particular one-way links, have always been thought to be one of the top metrics that search engine web sites look for when ranking websites. Although the spirit of linking to another website is to show a tacit recommendation for that website, there are many ways in which this metric can be exploited. […]

Have You Selected The Right SEO Keywords?

The first step in any successful search engine optimization campaign should be to consider your target market. What products and services do you sell? What sets you apart from your competitors? Why should people shop online with you? These questions help you to build up a picture of those who are likely to buy your […]

Pros and Cons of a Blogger Press Kit

Politicians, musicians, non-profits, companies, and bloggers alike have press kits, or a media kit, all of which are utilized for various ends. They explain why they’re so very different from other people in their industry as well as the data that serves to prove as much. If you decide to create a press kit with […]

Guarding Your Online Reputation

Doing business online does not only include taking the steps in making your business and/or blog profitable, it also entails assuring that the reputation that you portray, especially to millions of internet users, is credible. Putting up a business online easy, especially if the owner thinks that all it takes is a good and updated […]

The Killer Is Dead – Stop Using Absolutes in Blog Posts

You’ve heard it before. SEO is dead. X service is a Facebook, Twitter, or Google killer. And here we are, multiple years after each of these things have been said, over, over, and over again, and none of the above things have happened. Surely, some things have been killers of other things, and it’s been […]