How to Utilize Twitter Marketing Strategies

twitter marketingTwitter is a great platform for marketing your products and services. There are a variety of options available that can make it possible to implement a variety of social media marketing tactics that will get your business and brand exposure.


Utilizing trending hashtags, as well as custom hashtags that are unique to your current promotions or products, can be a great way to increase engagement and exposure. ¬†However, there’s a word of caution when it comes to utilizing trending hashtags. Be sure to not make tweets cheesy and only relevant to the conversation. Tweeting something like “Our #NBA jerseys are on sale for $19.99!” is not going to get the same respect that “#NBA Trivia: The Miami Heat averages ## points per game this season.” In the latter example, you’re not only sharing something that users monitoring that hashtag will find interesting, you’re also setting yourself up as a resource for that conversation without seeming intrusive or pushing your products in users’ faces.

Sponsored Tweets

Twitter is getting ready to officially launch its advertising campaign to any Twitter accounts, which will bring a variety of features. This includes Sponsored Tweets, which are messages that are promoted on user’s Twitter newsfeeds to get the company more exposure. It also comes with analytics so you can see your campaign metrics and results. Purchasing a sponsored tweet campaign for new products can help get that immediate exposures companies are looking for.

User Campaigns

In addition, many companies also pay users to tweet messages about their company on the users’ personal accounts. There are some FTC regulations that come with this, so be sure that your company and your paid users are following all laws when implementing these types of programs. In addition, users should write their own tweets so it seems more natural.

photo credit: eclecticlibrarian via photopin cc