File hosting service MEGA: MegaUpload reborn?

Fans of the now defunct file hosting service are probably aware of its latest incarnation from creator Kim DotCom. If you don’t know what I mean, I’m talking about MEGA, the latest player in the online file storage game.


Contenders such as Dropbox and Google Drive probably think they have nothing to worry about with MEGA, but Dotcom thinks differently. Backed with 25 times more free storage than Dropbox, MEGA just might eat up its competition.


Unlike its predecessor, MEGA  operates completely on the cloud and outside of the USA to discourage any illegal attempts to take it down. To prove that the site isn’t a piracy platform, MEGA also automatically encrypts every file uploaded onto their servers, causing the uploaders to be the only people to know what it is they uploaded.


MEGA has also been actively keeping pirates away, vigilantly stopping sites like from sharing links to their content for other people to download (apparently MEGA uploaders have been disclosing information and links on their uploads themselves). The good folks over at Who Is Hosting had recently released this infographic on the matter, you might want to check it out below: