Ways to Monetize Your Website (Infographic)

Skimlinks, a company that helps online publishers earn more money through automatic affiliate marketing, has released a new infographic aimed at helping website owners discover new ways to monetize their efforts.

The lighthearted “Ways to Monetize Your Website” flowchart asks an array of questions with the goal of recommending methods of monetization that may match best with your audience. The methods highlighted include banner ads, classified ads, in-text ads, sponsorship, do-it-yourself affiliate links, automated affiliate marketing, premium memberships and branded merchandise.

In addition to recommending methods, the infographic also talks about how you can get started and lists some of the companies that you can work with.

It borrows some of the observations from my new free ebook, “Monetizing Online Forums.” Though it is because of Skimlinks’ sponsorship that I am able to offer it for free, the book itself is an independent work, drawing from my 12 years of community management experience. “Monetizing Online Forums” details how a forum or community manager can monetize their community in a way that is ethical and appropriate. It can be downloaded at monetizingonlineforums.com.

You can view the infographic in full below. It’s a detailed one, so you will need to click to expand!

Byline: Patrick O’Keefe is owner of the iFroggy Network. He is has been managing online communities since 2000 and is the author of “Managing Online Forums” and “Monetizing Online Forums.” He blogs at ManagingCommunities.com and can be found on Twitter @iFroggy.