How a Magento based e-commerce website would lose customers?

A website is mostly designed and developed to get more customers to the business for growth and sales. Magento based e-commerce websites do the same job by encouraging online shopping and promotion. E-commerce websites are designed so that customers come to shop as per the need to contribute to the business. If the website is […]

Ways to Monetize Your Website (Infographic)

Skimlinks, a company that helps online publishers earn more money through automatic affiliate marketing, has released a new infographic aimed at helping website owners discover new ways to monetize their efforts. The lighthearted “Ways to Monetize Your Website” flowchart asks an array of questions with the goal of recommending methods of monetization that may match […]

Creative Techniques To Help You Profit From Seasonal Blogging

Although many of us are blogging for the long-term in very specific niches, there exists many more dynamic opportunities to achieve blogging success as well as various styles that can be adopted. Over the years I have learned that there are some of us who have not really mastered the quality of patience and do […]

Why eBay Partner Network Makes 22 Times More Money Than AdSense On My Blog

Updated on March 5, 2009: I noticed a huge discrepancy with my Google Analytics pageviews versus the impressions being reported by eBay Partner Network. I did some digging and found that eBay counts link impressions not page impressions. For example, one of my posts has 22 links to eBay. This means a pageview is actually […]

5 Ways to Turbo Charge Your Blog Monetization

By now you probably know that simply plastering ads all over your pages and prominent donation links don’t really work. There really are no get-rich-quick schemes in blogging; turning your blog into a reliable income generator requires hard work, experimentation, and patience. Those are three aspects common among the five methods I share in this […]