Blogging revenue: are you seeing recovery?

Many online publishers have seen a downturn in revenue over the past couple of quarters, with some niches more badly hit than others. Advertisers are either scarcer, or they’re not paying as much for advertising space. Yet I’m noticing that some “set and forget” advertising models (such as Google AdSense and Chitika’s Premium ads) are […]

Need Your Help Monetizing A Site has been around for at least five years now. In that time span, many bloggers from all walks of life have shared their tips, tricks, and techniques. Based on what I’ve seen while writing for Performancing, many of you are either monetizing websites or are wanting to do so. I find myself in a […]

Monetizing Isn’t Getting Any Easier

Darren Rowse of Problogger has published the results of his two month long poll asking his readers how much income they make by blogging. You can view his post to check out the results but here is something that stuck out to me: So to this point we can say 70% of those who make […]

Monetization Makeover: Tom Keating’s VoIP Blog

Welcome to the second edition of Monetization Makeover. In this series, I review the monetization of different blogs, in terms of both strategy and ad placement, and make suggestions for improving profits. Today’s lucky blog: Tom Keating’s VoIP and Gadget Blog. Optimized correctly, a blog like this can make bank. In Monetization Makeover Part 1 […]

Monetization Through Twitter

Many people still believe that using Twitter is a waste of time. Perhaps those notions will change now that a company has come along offering to pay you for using their service to shrink URLs. Introducing Adjix. Adjix is a brand new company that is both an ad network and a service which pays people […]

Monetize Your Archives With WhyDoWork Adsense Plugin

Currently within the hive, there is an ongoing conversation taking place with regards to the must have WordPress plugins. Although everyone seems to have a different answer to this question, a number of Hive members are using a plugin called WhyDoWork. I decided to give it a try myself to figured out why it is, […]

Monetization Tips And Strategies

Katy over at I’m Blogging That has published a great article that goes in depth on choosing a monetization strategy. Her post covers various monetization strategies such as banner advertising, choosing an ad service, ad placement, and much more. Of particular interest to me was Katy’s thoughts on pricing. Everyone that comes to you for […]

Darren Rowse On Monetization, Community, And ProBlogging

When I see or hear the word ‘ProBlogger‘ I think Darren Rowse. Darren has been an established authority in the realm of ProBlogging for a few years now. In this interview we cover such topics such as monetization, the value of community, the problogging niche, the six-figure income, and Darren’s thoughts on the personal brands […]

Blast From The Past – Monetization

Monetization sure is a popular topic, one that Performancing has covered time and time again with awesome in depth information. Today, we’ll take a trip to the past to rediscover this great content to help you monetize your site or perhaps, spring to life some new ideas. How to create Intelligent Blog Ads – Chris […]

Monetization: Look for specialists – Offer content development

Creating a blog is like breathing for you? What about the content? And here comes a client who needs a website/blog. Almost always somebody who needs a website/blog will have some special know-how in a niche. He/She is a specialist for a content niche (let’s say plumbing) but has no web development and (!) no […]