Monetization Makeover: Tom Keating’s VoIP Blog

Welcome to the second edition of Monetization Makeover. In this series, I review the monetization of different blogs, in terms of both strategy and ad placement, and make suggestions for improving profits. Today’s lucky blog: Tom Keating’s VoIP and Gadget Blog. Optimized correctly, a blog like this can make bank. In Monetization Makeover Part 1 […]

Don’t Be Ashamed to Regurgitate

Darren’s post 101 Ways to Run Out of Things to Blog About got me thinking about the dangers (or not) of running out of things to blog about. ‘I spent days putting together this great list. I wanted it to be big as a way of bringing new readers in and to show how much […]

High End vs. Low End Content

In most topical niches, there is an “expertise range”. Some bloggers will try to appeal to the masses by making just about every post “n00b-friendly” (e.g., ProBlogger does this well). Other blogs seem to be written for other experts (e.g., Signal vs. Noise). The issue as I see it is this: writing for the low-end […]

Why You’re Not Getting on the Digg Homepage

I stumbled across DiggBait 101: 8 Ways to Help You Get to Digg’s Front Page today. I appreciated both the helpful tips themselves, and also the picture-in-a-picture-ness of it all (How to get a blog post Dugg? Make it about Digg and include “8 Ways to…” in the title). Most of the tips were standard […]

Blogging Has Finally Grown Up

Old media vs. new media. Us vs. them. The plucky, indepedent blogger out-scooping the major news agency. Sound about right? We (bloggers) hain’t get no respect. Well, that paradigm is changing, if indeed it hasn’t already changed. I’m not sure bloggers can claim underdog status indefinitely. A glance at BlogAds shows that some bloggers are […]

Guy Kawasaki: It’s Hard to Make Money Blogging

First off, if you aren’t a regular reader of Guy Kawasaki, head on over. There’s a reason why he rose to stardom in his first few months of blogging. Now, Guy is sort of an outside/n00b in terms of webmastering, and he brings a fresh perspective on issues we old hats have beaten to death […]

Weaning Myself from Adsense

Yes, you read the title correctly. A self-described Adsense junkie has decided to seek help. Step 1: Admitting you have a problem. For me, that problem was having a sizable portion of my income come from one company. The problem was the constant worry of a click attack and getting booted without warning. The problem […]

Can You Afford Not To Blog? Maybe.

Scrivs posted today that he was surprised by the amount of freelancers who don’t blog to promote themselves. On the one hand, I agree. Blogging can be a great way to position yourself as an authority in your service market. On the other hand… 1. Are you a natural writer? Most people… aren’t. There’s little […]

YPN Continues to Disappoint

Yahoo!, when you announced YPN, I, and a million other Adsensers, jumped for joy. With another “real” contextual ad solution, the rewards of publishing on obscure topics (potentially) go way up, while the risk goes way down (two baskets for your eggs). You started slow, fine, no sweat. We were promised improvements, and we waited […]

Profitability: a Game of Inches

I finally broke down (thanks to my partner Jimbo’s pressuring), and took a bit of time to sort out my company’s to-do list. (“Small business productivity”) While I’ll miss seeing the snazzy Notepad interface smiling up at me, the gains of using Ta-da list are already impressing me. The thing about me is, I’ve never […]