Monetization Makeover: Devilish Heels

I’ve posted about Manolo’s Shoe Blog before as an A-plus example of product blogging. Since The Manolo’s rise to fame, I have noticed a lot more product blogs popping up, especially in the fashion sector. Well today’s specimen for Monetization Makeover is none other than Devilish Heels. From the title, I like this blog already. […]

Monetizing Through Packaged Content

Aside from the community aspects of blogs one thing blogs generate is a lot of content. While most bloggers will at least consider advertising to generate revenue, are you missing a trick by not packaging and selling your information as a product? One of the trends that have appeared during the world wide webs short […]

Tis The Season To Monetize

Right now if you venture out away from your computer you will have noticed something odd about the people around you, particularly parents of young children. Notice the mad glint in their eyes? The panicked expression? The beads of sweat and that dodgy-looking vein pulsing in their foreheads? Yup, it is that time of year […]

Monetization Makeover: PSPFanBoy

Welcome to the 1st edition of Monetization Makover. In this series, I’m going to review the monetization of different blogs, in terms of both strategy and ad placement, and make suggestions for improving profits. Today’s lucky blog: PSP Fanboy, freshly launched by Weblogs, Inc.. Let’s begin by ripping it apart, shall we? Actually, before we […]

The 3 M’s of Pro Blogging: Multiple Monetization Methods

I’m constantly on the lookout for new blog niches. When I find a topic that I think might work, I first run through a monetization scenario: since my primary monetization method is, of course, Adsense, I check out what the (roughly) equivalent bids are for the topic using Overture’s View Bid Tool. A year ago […]

Monetizing Your Blog Archives

In some ways, blogs are more akin to newspapers than we’d care to admit. More often than not, todays post is tomorrows fish wrapper. Our content is often very time sensitive and may only have a shelf life of a single day. Sad but true. So what do we do about all of those posts, […]