Will You Be Joining The Kindle Store?

The rush is on! Amazon has opened up Kindle Publishing to the public enabling them to submit their blog to be published on the service. The service is available for users of the Kindle, their e-book reading device. Kindle publishing has been around since the release of the first device but only a few blogs […]

Enabling Visitors To Save Posts In PDF Format

Are you the type of blogger who publishes content on a regular basis that would be good to have in a portable format such as PDF? Sure, you could print the article off but then you have to store that paper somewhere. I think it would be much more convenient to have those PDF files […]

Clearing The Muddy Waters With Your Blog

Mark Cuban who is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks was in the news recently because of some comments he made towards Kenyon Martin’s mother. On Mark’s blog, he has published a public apology to Kenyon Martin and his mother. However, it looks like the Denver Nuggets are not taking his apology lightly and would […]

A Better Way To FollowFriday On Twitter

Do you use Twitter? If so, chances are good that on Fridays, you see a number of people sending out messages which contain half of the users they are following on Twitter followed by #FollowFriday at the end. I’ve participated in one or two of these events and I don’t think they are doing the […]

Someone Else Claiming CAPTCHAS Are Dead

Craig Butler of SitPoint.com has published an article which outlines his reasoning as to why CAPTHCAS have finally reached their end of life. Captchas are usually the first lines of defense for web forms to combat against automated bots/scripts who’s sole purpose is to spam. Here is the list Craig has for why Captchas need […]