Autoblogging And Misconceptions

There is a pretty good discussion taking place over in the SitePoint forums around the topic of Autoblogging. The thread starts off like this: What do you think about Auto Blogging to posts? Is it work getting software to do it? Is anyone doing it with success in terms of an increase in traffic/SEO results? […]

How Do You Advertise Affiliates?

Since the launch of, I’ve received numerous offers from companies asking if I would like to join a higher tiered part of their affiliate program which offers higher than average payouts when compared to a normal affiliate. I’ve always had a problem with affiliate advertising in that, I don’t think you should advertise just […]

Akismetting Spam Is Good SEO

Matt Mullenweg recently published a great little article over on the official Akismet blog where he shares three reasons why eliminating spam is good SEO for your site. There are three things you definitely don’t want to encounter when running a blog and that is: Undermineing Your Sites SEO Attracting More Spammers Damaging Your Reputation […]

Google Analytics API Now Available To Developers

Google recently announced that the Google Analytics Data Export API which was in beta is now currently available to all developers. The API provides read-only access to your analytics data. On top of that, any data which is available through the standard analytics interface is available through this API meaning you could create your own […]

Are You Filtering TinyURLs?

With only 140 characters to get your point across on Twitter, thank goodness for services that create TinyURLs. However, I’m starting to notice at least on my blog that commenter’s are linking to things using these types of links. While does allow you to create a special URL which contains the ability to preview […]

Jonathan Bailey Launches

Jonathan Bailey who has been a longtime contributor to, especially within the Legal section of the Performancing forums has launched a brand new sister site called The site aims to be a collection of links, quotes, images, and other tidbits of information showcasing copyright stupidity from across the web. Jonathan does a great […]

Brian Clark Releases Outsourcing Report

Brian Clark who operates released a report he calls The Outsourcing Conspiracy. While much has been said regarding Tim Ferris and his 4-hour work week, the other side of the story doesn’t seem to have had much attention. Too many people believe that you can do very little and just outsource the rest but […]

Keep On Top Of Trends With TrendPedia

With everything that takes place on the web, keeping track of trends can be a tough process. Although Google provides a Trend search of their own, TrendPedia looks to have its place in the trend search market. The front page of TrendPedia showcases the hottest trends from the previous month as well as popular trends […]