Will You Be Joining The Kindle Store?

The rush is on! Amazon has opened up Kindle Publishing to the public enabling them to submit their blog to be published on the service. The service is available for users of the Kindle, their e-book reading device. Kindle publishing has been around since the release of the first device but only a few blogs were selected to be part of their initial offering. Blogs range in price from $1.99 to $0.99.

How much will you earn? For most blogs this will be $0.99 per month, while the bigger blogs can draw up to $1.99 per month. Amazon will share 30% subscription revenue with you. So even if you get thousands of subscribers, the monthly earnings will be little. Moreover, you get paid by check.

I can see paying for newspapers in an electronic format, but for blogs? I don’t know about that. My quest for a digital device which is nothing but an awesome FeedReader combined with Roboform and WiFi continues. However, will you be adding your blog to Kindle Publishing? Do you think anyone will purchase access to it for 99 cents?

3 thoughts on “Will You Be Joining The Kindle Store?

  1. Anyone who as written a book, eBook or already has anything on Kindle knows that everyone in the pipeline makes more money than the actual author. So I wouldn’t do this for the money — but who knows about exposure?

    What type of exposure can be farmed by participating remains to be seen. I was surprised at some of the action generated by my eBooks on Kindle.

    I’ll give it a whirl but income potential is certainly not the motivational factor!

    BTW Jeff — love your Blog, read often and felt it time I comment. Keep up the great work!

    At your service,

  2. Yes I will be adding my blogs to Kindle Publishing. Why not? It is an additional revenue stream for my online business. I think there is only one way to find out if Kindle users will subscribe to your blogs. You have to put your content out there and let the market place decide what it finds to be valuable.

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