Enabling Visitors To Save Posts In PDF Format

Are you the type of blogger who publishes content on a regular basis that would be good to have in a portable format such as PDF? Sure, you could print the article off but then you have to store that paper somewhere. I think it would be much more convenient to have those PDF files on your PC. Thanks to a post written by Amanda on BloggingTips.com, I’ve discovered a nifty service called Web2PDF Online.

The service quickly converts HTML content to PDF for free which provides another means for your visitors to save your content. All you have to do is place the Web2PDF button on your website and the service will do the rest. When you sign up for an account, you get to choose how the PDF will look in terms of content margins and the orientation of the content (portrait or landscape). I know Joomla provides this feature out of the box so it’s nice to see a web service provide this functionality free of charge for anyone to use.

3 thoughts on “Enabling Visitors To Save Posts In PDF Format

  1. I think I will only use it for storing articles from others’blog because maybe I don’t like to access someone’s blog again.
    If the article is on my own blog,it just O<, why I must convert it to PDF and then store it on my pc?

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