Blogging and Working: Productive Times, Days and Locations

I don’t know about everyone else, but there are times during the day and night that are more productive for me than others. Even certain days of the week are more productive than others. Some days, I seem to be able to push out more content than other days. It reminds me of how every office joke seems to relate to either hating Monday, or loving Friday.

Then there are locations. When working at home, it can take me four or five hours to do a task that should take me an hour or two. But if I head to the local coffee shop, I can what I consider four or five hours of work done in two hours.

My most productive times are from around two in the afternoon until around five or six in the evening, and then ten at night until two in the morning. And my most productive days are Tuesday and Wednesday, with Thursday starting my slow down trajectory towards the weekend, and Monday is my re-organization day for the week ahead.

It is a never ending cycle with strongly defined periods of high concentration and productivity. I’ve heard many successful bloggers and internet workers talk about their strange work schedule. Having families can change this of course, and if you have a day job, you’ll also have periods that work well for you in getting both “jobs” completed.

I would love to hear more about your high productivity times, days and places in the comments below. Are you a fan of Mondays? Do you dread heading into the weekend? All answers are right, if they work well for you.

5 thoughts on “Blogging and Working: Productive Times, Days and Locations

  1. My wife “lets” me work for a few hours on the weekend and I find that I get a lot done because I can’t goof off under her ever-watchful eyes. Probably my least productive day is Monday. I have two small children and after the weekend I need a day of rest!

  2. Oh definitely I have wow and blah days! Surprisingly, most days, I feel productive every Monday, because it’s the start of the week, and I often do my planning (that is plot out what I will be doing for the rest of the week) at this time.

    I will start feeling sluggish on Thursdays and Fridays. LOL. Despite my work-mood swings, I am able to accomplish enough to get my projects going. So far, my work rhythm has been good ever since I started doing this.

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