Monetize Your Archives With WhyDoWork Adsense Plugin

Currently within the hive, there is an ongoing conversation taking place with regards to the must have WordPress plugins. Although everyone seems to have a different answer to this question, a number of Hive members are using a plugin called WhyDoWork. I decided to give it a try myself to figured out why it is, people are using it.

WhyDoWork is a WordPress plugin which ties into your Adsense account that enables you to display more ads for older articles. This plugin contains a plethora of options allowing up to ten different ad codes which can be configured to use AdSense codes, YPN, CPM banners, buttons or what have you. You can also configure when the ads show, how they show up, as well as block ads from showing up on certain pages or articles. This means you can display little to no advertising on articles that are new and after a week or more, you can start displaying ads on those posts which will be viewed by search engine traffic.

Different positions you can display advertising:

Top – Inserts the ad between the title and the content

Top Left and Top Right – Inserts the ad in the top part of the content.

Middle – Inserts the code in the middle of the post, between two paragraphs. Middle means here that it sees how many paragraphs there are in a post, then divides it by two and inserts the ad there. For example, in a 12 paragraph story, it will insert it after the 6th paragraph. You need at least 2 paragraphs in a post for the middle positions to display.

Middle Left and Middle Right – Inserts the code in the middle of the post, surrounded by text. It actually inserts it in the top part of the second half of the post, so it might seem closer to the bottom.

Bottom – Inserts the code below the content

Random – Cycles the selected code among the positions that are not occupied by other ads. In order for the random setting not to use a position assigned to a fixed ad, you will need to insert the random one to the last setting in use.


It seems like many people are using this plugin on their blog as a way to monetize their archive. However, I want to know if you are using this plugin? If so, has it been successful for you in terms of increasing the amount you make from advertising?

3 thoughts on “Monetize Your Archives With WhyDoWork Adsense Plugin

  1. Hey Jeff you sent me this plugin last weekend to check out. Well I have installed it but am having troubles with it showing up in the post and the page. Maybe its me being premature and google hasnt caught up to my adsense on the page yet. ut I wanted to drop a line in case I needed some help, if your willing

  2. It appears to be another way of inserting Adsense ads into your posts. Since I am already doing this with Adsense, it seems like it will take some of the work away from me to use this plugin. I will try it and let you know how it works for me!

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