How a Magento based e-commerce website would lose customers?

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A website is mostly designed and developed to get more customers to the business for growth and sales. Magento based e-commerce websites do the same job by encouraging online shopping and promotion. E-commerce websites are designed so that customers come to shop as per the need to contribute to the business. If the website is not up to mark, customers would never turn up which might lead to losses. In this article, we would discuss why a Magento based e-commerce website would lose customers.

When the design is weak

A Magento based e-commerce website would lose customers when its design is weak. A website with weak design does not match the aesthetical expectations of its customers and hence, it loses them gradually. Weak design connotes a situation wherein products are not arranged ideally and the navigation is not spot-on.

When the site is not usable

A usable e-commerce website is one where customers don’t feel issues while buying products and services. If any of website’s features causes issues, when the site’s usability hinders the transaction, its customers are sure to move on to the next available option. Usability is all about letting customers shop with an ease available nowhere else.

When the site poses many shopping barriers

Buyers won’t like to be tied down with barriers especially while buying products and services. Barriers could be of many types, though seeking too much information out of customers is one of them. Giving puzzled navigational structure is another big put-off for those buying products on the site.

When the customer service is bad

It may sound absurd, but it’s true that bad customer service is another factor which forces customers to leave a Magento based e-commerce website. If communication tools are not easily available, if such tools are not placed as per the merit, if correct information is not delivered on every possible step, customers are bound to leave towards other options.

When the search option is missing

To not have a search option in an e-commerce website is a sin which is justified only when there are only few products to sell. With hundreds of products, grids, categories and classes, a missing search option would make customers go faint while going through them. Endless and futile navigation would take a heavy toll on customers thus forcing them to go away to different sites.

When the layered & filtered navigation is absent

If an e-commerce website lacks filter option, customers are supposed to squander away too much time to get to the desired products or services. Grids are also not a good choice to have for consuming too much time for product search. If customers have to be retained and sales have to be improved, the website should have layered & filtered navigation to lend the ease factor for search.

When users are compelled to registration

When customers are either compelled to register or asked of information while signing up, it makes them leave the site in a hurry. Customers don’t need any persuasion to either enter a site or move further, and forcing them or hurrying them to do is a mistake. If registration is asked for, it makes customers fume to the extent of leaving to other sites.

When clear path is not given to checkout button

Any mistake with checkout button might cost dear to the website as customers take it very seriously. Once the transaction is complete, customers want to smoothly return to the site, or go out. If clear path to check out button is not given, it can create problems in plenty. So a Magento website should always consider giving clear path to checkout button to keep the customers’ interests alive.

When the website is stuffed with loads of categories

Stuffing the website with loads of categories is definitely not a good sign once a niche market is targeted. Even if the product is in thousands, a sensible approach to classification and categorization would be needed. Adding up the number of categories for the sake of more could put-off the customers in a big way. If few categories have one or two products, get them shelved instead to avoid the confusion.

When the information is not latest

A Magento based e-commerce website should always offer up-to-date information related to each aspect. Products and services should never be lied about, and the same is true for inventory. If correct information is not given, customers can easily go away to other websites for the needs. So make sure to give only correct information on the site.


If right steps are not taken, any e-commerce website might lose customers to see losses. The same is true for a Magento based site which meets the same fate when it falls off the right steps. This article has listed how a Magento based e-commerce website would lose customers, and invites users to add to the comments.


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