How a Magento based e-commerce website would lose customers?

A website is mostly designed and developed to get more customers to the business for growth and sales. Magento based e-commerce websites do the same job by encouraging online shopping and promotion. E-commerce websites are designed so that customers come to shop as per the need to contribute to the business. If the website is […]

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7 Easy-to-Miss Tax Deductions for Bloggers

If you’re in the United States, it is officially tax season. With barely two week weeks left to file your return (or file an extension) a lot of freelancers are scrambling to find some last minute deductions that they can claim to reduce their burden. If you’re a blogger, or blogging is part of running […]

nextMEDIA: How to Make Money and Do It Right

If you want to read more on the sessions that happened at nextMEDIA, check out, where there is a full index of the posts surrounding the event. Marina Mann is an independent digital Marketing consultant specializing in e-Commerce and building online businesses. Marina has 11 years experience producing and monetizing interactive, high-tech customer experiences […]

The “King Of The Hill” Approach To Maintaining Authority

One strategy (intentional or not) that I’ve noticed coming out of established and powerful blogs is to speak dismissively and/or condescendingly about posts on lesser blogs. Take this recent post from The Truth About Cars where the author takes a two pronged approach. He ridicules the content of the post without directly criticizing it, implying […]

Making Money Online BWE Panel Notes

BloggingBasics101 attended the recently concluded BlogWorldExpo which featured a panel on Making Money Online With A Blog. The post describes some of the advice given by Brian Clark, Darren Rowse, Jeremy Shoemaker, Zac Johnson, and John Chow. One tidbit of information that I thought was interesting: Each of the men discussing making money on your […]

5 Ways To Make Money Without Ads

When you ask someone how they plan to monetize something, generally the answer has something to do with advertising. However, there are plenty of ways to make an income without ever placing an ad on your blog. This post will highlight at least 5 of those methods. 1. Make Yourself Worthy Of Being Hired – […]

The Weekly Buzz: 100th Hive Member, Writer’s Block, and Money Makers

The Hive, a Performancing project, was created to provide a community for those looking to increase the performance of their blog and network with the pro’s. Well, the professionals are buzzing around, and even I am learning stuff from the other members. The Hive still continues to grow, and there are many great things being […]

Alexa Rankings Go Through Major Shift

Anyone else notice that Alexa rankings shifted around BIG TIME? I did. And you know what? I think the new algorithm they are using does a much better job of capturing actual traffic volume across niches. Whereas in the past Alexa has been heavily weighted towards Tech and Internet niches (making many sites in these […]