Get Free, High-Quality Content Custom Written For Your Blog

I’m a big fan of guest posting high-quality content on high-quality blogs. Guest articles are one of those win-win transactions that take place all the time on the Internet without the transaction of money. The writer of the article gets the benefit of exposure and branding (assuming the article is good). The blog owner gets […]

Finalists Announced In The Blogger Appreciation Awards

The 30 finalists have been announced for the Blogger Appreciation Awards contest. These 30 bloggers were selected out of thousands of nominations after they had survived a semi-finalist round in which the judges initially narrowed the field down to 200. These blogs were selected for their compelling content and active readerships: the two aspects of […]

Blogger Appreciation Contest – Call For Nominations

Bloggers pour their heart and soul into their blogs and often get very little in return. As a whole, I think it’s safe to say that we’re an under-appreciated group who work very hard and what we do. Most of us blog for free and the only thing that keeps us going is the thrill […]

Free Social Media Buttons For Your Blog

Have you ever wanted options when it comes to the social media buttons you put on your blog or website? I know I have. Normally I wade through oceans of junk in a Google Image search to find the ones that I really love. Then they all need to be edited down to size. And […]

Gawker Media: No Time For Subtlety In A Troubled Economy

It can’t be a coincidence that in the last week Gawker Media properties have blatantly stolen the titles and ideas proposed in two articles that appeared on my web properties early this year. And surely it’s not a coincidence that both of those articles appeared on the front page of Digg. You see, I can’t […]

Performancing Blog Awards 2007 Winners

The Performancing Blog Awards recognize excellence in blogging. With help from our readers, Performancing chose 28 awards categories (one half of our collective brain wishes we could have done more, the other half wishes we had done less;-) and nominated six candidates per category. With over 61,000 votes in one week of voting (Readers’ Choice) […]