Make Progress Everyday

There isn’t going to be much brilliance to this post. It’s not going to blow you away. It’s not going to offer a panacea for Utopian automatons (like me). But really, it’s the most precise and useful way that I’ve found to proceed with my online endeavors in a bad economy. Make progress every day. […]

The “King Of The Hill” Approach To Maintaining Authority

One strategy (intentional or not) that I’ve noticed coming out of established and powerful blogs is to speak dismissively and/or condescendingly about posts on lesser blogs. Take this recent post from The Truth About Cars where the author takes a two pronged approach. He ridicules the content of the post without directly criticizing it, implying […]

Pro Blogging Tip of the Day: Capture Search By Using Price/Cost Related Terms

There are a few fundamental rules for making big money online. Here is the number one rule in my book: The most profitable traffic is search traffic. Search traffic normally consists of people who are looking for something specific. A large chunk of searchers are looking to buy something. You make money online from people […]

The Linkerati: A new feature in The Hive

The Internet is a maddeningly social place. Interestingly, the more social you are, the more you succeed. This social environment we call the Internet is not a zero sum game: everyone can benefit and grow. The good news is that a place like Performancing’s Hive network offers the perfect venue for mutually benefitial collaboration. Just […]

The Old & Crusty Method To Building Links

My friend Dee Barizo gave me a great suggestion the other day. See, I have this problem. I have a 3 year old website that is stagnating, despite some truly great, cream of the crop content in it’s niche (I don’t say this lightly: I’ve hired an expert who’s creating a killer resource). So I […]

Exclusive: Is b5 Media about to face a mass exodus of bloggers?

Performancing has verified reports with multiple sources that there is rapidly increasing tension between b5 media’s management and its bloggers. As more details emerge, we will bring them to you here. Two months ago b5 cut over 80 blogs from its networks citing poor performance. Now there appears to be dissension among the ranks as […]

Do you have trouble staying disciplined?

The single biggest hurdle to online success is lack of discipline. In my experience online, there has been one glaring issue that “work from home” employees encounter: lack of consistency and discipline. Whether you work for yourself or for someone else, when you work from home, the temptation is to put work off until later […]

Using MSN’s A-List To Blog On Recurring Themes

I’ve been monitoring MSN’s A-list for a while. And I think that all bloggers should consider using it as a compliment to Google Trends. MSN’s A-list is basically a blog where MSN posts links to specific searches in their search engine. Big deal right? Well, the thing about A-list is that most of the links […]

Interview With Brian Pipa of Teenormous

Brian Pipa of the massively popular blog Candy Addict set out to do something I’ve only dreamed of doing: he’s created an amazing online tool that people will not only love but that will also end up being very profitable. It’s called Teenormous. Here’s a bold prediction: Teenormous will be be a household Internet name […]

Performancing Hive Testimonials

I’m a huge fan of Performancing Hive. It’s the only place online where I’ve found a deep, long lasting community of friends who not only share amazingly helpful tips, but who are also willing to listen and provide moral support. Sure we all care about getting those secret tips that will make us better. But […]