The Linkerati: A new feature in The Hive

The Internet is a maddeningly social place. Interestingly, the more social you are, the more you succeed. This social environment we call the Internet is not a zero sum game: everyone can benefit and grow.

The good news is that a place like Performancing’s Hive network offers the perfect venue for mutually benefitial collaboration.

Just today we’ve launched a new feature called “The Linkerati” designed to help our community in two ways. First, we are able to highlight our best content to each other. By highlighting our best content, we give each other ideas for topics to post about on our own blogs. Second, when a Hive member decides to post about another member’s content, we are participating in a 100% ethical, organic, white hat method of building links.

It’s a win-win situation. Bloggers get topics to blog about. And bloggers get links. The best content gets rewarded because it is more likely to get linked to.

So, if you have good content on your blog, but not enough links, or if you’re looking for interesting content to blog about, The Hive’s new Linkerati feature could be the perfect place to hang out.