Understanding Mobile Search – Go Local or Go Home

By now, most people are familiar with SEO for global search. The basic idea is to build quality content, choose strategical keyphrases, and get editorial links from authority sites with strategical anchor text. Very straightforward. Many people make lots of money off global search.

But global search has also become a slow-growth industry. It is the type of searching people do in front of their computers.

The growth industry for search is found in mobile search (there are almost 3x as many mobile phones in use as compared to computers) . Mobile search is the term used to refer to the very particular kind of searching people do on their mobile devices. Sure, it is true that many mobile devices allow for global search, but the type of information people are looking for while using their mobile phones is quite different than the type of information they are looking for when sitting in front of their computers. The difference comes down to two words: Local Search.

Mobile search is all about local search. It’s about being a regional authority; a primary source of information for people using their mobile phones to find local information.

For many, mobile search is an enigma; a mystery. Admittedly, I have had trouble understanding it in the past. Thankfully, Cell Phones.Org has put together a fantastic introduction to Mobile Search. They go over all the fundamentals of mobile search, from why it matters all the way to how you can optimize your site for mobile search users.

For more information on mobile search, check out these resources:

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  1. This was a good resource, although I also suggest you check out Smashing Magazine’s guide for mobile web trends

    And for User-Agent detection, I suggest you check WURLF.

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