Pro Blogging Tip of the Day: Capture Search By Using Price/Cost Related Terms

There are a few fundamental rules for making big money online. Here is the number one rule in my book:

The most profitable traffic is search traffic.

Search traffic normally consists of people who are looking for something specific. A large chunk of searchers are looking to buy something. You make money online from people willing to pay money. Searchers who are looking to buy something are ready to spend, and thus their behavior is more conducive to earning you money (whether through a CPC click or an affiliate order).

So, let’s say that your site has no trouble bringing in some good search traffic. And let’s say that 5-10% of those searchers consist of shoppers. What can you do?

Increase the ratio of shoppers to non-shoppers by including shopping related keywords.

Let’s say that you write a daily product review on your blog. You should make sure that the product review includes words and phrases like cost, price, review, quality, discount, deal, cheapest, free, where to buy, sale and others.

Shoppers tend to concentrate on price and are almost always looking for two things: 1) a review of the product’s quality and 2) what to expect to pay (or where to get the best deal).

You can increase the profit on your website by giving shoppers the kind of information they are looking for – price and quality related.

6 thoughts on “Pro Blogging Tip of the Day: Capture Search By Using Price/Cost Related Terms

  1. Had not thought of the shopping angle when adding keywords in my post. My blog isn’t a shopping blog per se, but i do showcase many products on the blog.

    Will try this, and see how it performs.

    Missy is an avid blogger, who writes on (and manages) her niche blog network: Groovy Vegetarian, Groovy Chicago, Yellow Sweaters, and G34 Media.

  2. On my candy blog, I always use the phrase “Buy PRODUCTNAME Online” in reviews and then link to some affiliates that carry it. I have seen it get hits from people googling for
    buy PRODUCTNAME online

    it works.

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