The Future of Content Management Is Collaboration

Content management is becoming an increasingly popular part of technological advancement for the internet and for the people who will create, manage, and consume that content. Developers have long been exceeding in this area, but the future demands new collaboration features that have only recently been increasing with popularity. Who Uses This Stuff? Bloggers, designers, […]

The Blogosphere’s Impact on Academic Studies and Writings

Authors, professors, entrepreneurs, experts, and journalists use blogs these days to communicate with the world. However, have you ever imagined a blog being an origination of academic research? Never before have I considered this a possibility, but now I believe differently. Blogs & Information Blogs have brought about a huge increase in information. Blogs are […]

Dealing With Those Rowdy Commenters

So, I will be the first to admit that I can garner a temper when someone mindlessly bashes something I write. I could let it all slide, and let things be said about me and my writing, but, then again, I should have the right to defend myself when someone criticizes what I write. Well, […]

5 Great Tips for Optimizing Ad Revenue From PerformancingAds

Have you signed up for PerformancingAds? If so, you are placing yourself in a position to generate revenue for your blog, and why shouldn’t you? There are many networks, affiliate programs, and solutions to handle advertising, but PerformancingAds is truly special. This is an advertising network created by bloggers for bloggers. While you probably will […]

FriendFeed: The Blogger’s New Best Friend and Marketing Tool?

Twitter is great, don’t get me wrong, but FriendFeed is a whole new beast that has quickly established its importance to the blogosphere. My first reaction when playing around with FriendFeed was that it was a source of information overload to the extreme, and that was pretty much the case for the first few months, […]

A Few Keys to a Successful (Blogging) Career

When you aim for success, you must commit yourself to reach it. Success means different things to each individual, but, in general, we have a good idea of what success can lead to. If you want to reach success, you must realize that a big portion of getting there is being mentally prepared. Having Confidence […]

7 Simple Tips for Better Integration of Images Within Your Content

Images have become a common sight on blogs. This is because of the improvement of technology—mainly internet connections. Images, for many blogs, play an integral part of the content. Whether or not you use images on a regular basis is irrelevant, but when you do use them, it helps to have them looking smooth. Standard […]