The Weekly Buzz: 100th Hive Member, Writer’s Block, and Money Makers

The Hive, a Performancing project, was created to provide a community for those looking to increase the performance of their blog and network with the pro’s. Well, the professionals are buzzing around, and even I am learning stuff from the other members. The Hive still continues to grow, and there are many great things being discussed within.

Here is a glimpse into what has happened recently:

Hive’s 100th Member

I would like to congratulate “woodpecker34” on being the 100th member to join Performancing Hive. All our members are in good company with the likes of Matt Craven, David Peralty, Hartley Singer, Deborah Ng, Jesse Nachtigal, and other successful bloggers. As the Hive grows, the information and feedback continually improves, and you are missing out on great opportunities if you are not a member.

Dealing with Writer’s Block

Only two days ago I was dealing with writer’s block—thankfully, I rarely have to deal with it. But it was only after seeing the suggestion by Chris Garrett to try the “rubber ducking” technique that led to me being cured. Unfortunately, I opted to talk with my friends instead, but the original concept probably would have worked just as well… I think.

Money Makers

There are many members in the Hive that have been willing to share their money making strategies with the other members. It is nice to know, and if you have trouble making money on your blog, perhaps members of the Hive could help. Performancing’s own Ryan Caldwell recently reached personal records with advertising revenue numbers from Google AdSense. Congrats to Ryan.

There are also plenty of other discussions going on about alternative advertising services. However, if you are all for doing things on your own, you definitely want to be a member to find out how to properly approach advertising the right way.

Join the Hive

For $10 a month, you can become a member with over a hundred others which have already joined. This has only been a small teaser of what is going on. You will have the opportunity to see how bloggers really operate behind the scenes, and you’ll have some of the blogosphere’s best answering your questions. Finally, it is a great way to network with the pro’s, and that is an invaluable situation in its own right.

Update: I forgot to mention that the first Social Media Bootcamp will be occuring on June 11th. This is a great opportunity to listen in and/or actively participate in a discussion about social media. If you want to make it to the top, knowledge about social media is a great way to help you get there. We will be talking about it, and only Hive members can listen in.

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  1. how extremely ironic that you post a link to rubber ducking when I in fact was going to buy a rubber duckie for a similar purpose, not writers block….photographer’s block :O …still buying the duck lol

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