14 thoughts on “How Much Money Do You Average Per Month From Blogging?

  1. Hello James,

    Thank you very much for that! It always seems to be one of the questions which nobody will answer!

    How many hits do you get per day?

    I’ve asked on numerous forums everybody is interested in your traffic but nobody will tell you what they are getting.

    It would be very interesting to see what people get, compared to others. I must admit I was quite chuffed with my 300 – 600 unique, now you have dashed my hopes I best get cracking.

  2. 300 – 600 unique users per day is very very little.

    3,000 – 6,000 unique users per day is something.

    Perhaps you are being a little too optimistic right at this point in time. Worry about getting thousands of users per day before monetizing.

  3. I’m also confused buy this, I have a celebrity blog, which pulls in between 300 – 600 unique per day. In Google images for the search term “britney spears” the website is the first image. Yet I make $0.31 per day from 5 clicks through Google Adsense

    446 5 2.03% $1.32 $0.32

    Any suggestions?

  4. Sorry to be such a newbie, but I’m confused. How is it possible to actually earn money from a blog?

    I have a blog that averages between 5,000 – 10,000 visitors per day, and on occasion up to 20,000 per day on days when I get links from bigger blogs. But I receive no money whatsoever from this blog. Where would the money come from? Are you talking about ads? I don’t have any ads on my site, and I wouldn’t know where to get them. I’ve always assumed ads were such a waste of time on blogs because no one ever actually clicks on them and thus you don’t really get paid for having the ads in the first place — they just cheapen the look of the blog.

    I assumed my blog was small potatoes, something just for fun, until a commenter said he could make a ton of money off a blog as popular as mine, if he was running it. I asked him what he meant, but he just laughed — he wouldn’t answer directly. So I never found out if he was joking or not.

    Or is there something besides ads that somehow produces income? What am I missing? And what if I’m philosophically opposed to advertisements, because I think they would degrade the message of the blog and damage its credibility, thus driving away readers?

  5. . . . the faster your Paddle Boat, the faster you can get out into the middle of the lake, crank up your computer and aircard and then upload the podcast that you just recorded on the way out to the middle of the lake! (next month I’m hoping to take my blogging show out on a jet ski with my 3g wireless router and setup a hotspot in the middle of the lake)

    Seriously, that’s still an experiment that I’m working on, but it illustrates the point that if you are having fun, and you have the ability to work fast, then this can be a great career choice.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in a high earning percentile. I didn’t get there overnight, but after blogging for more than 2 years (most bloggers would still consider me a newbie), I’m making more than $2500 per month as a blogger. I’ve tried a number of ways to find the right fit for what I do, and have dropped some ways that made me lots of money in favor of other ways that ‘fit’ better that made me less.

    I would also highly credit Raj Dash here at Performancing and the Performancing community in general for fundamental aspects of my success. One of the things that I have previously been less successful at doing is achieving the same results that Raj has for example. He’s great at teaching people how to do better at blogging and in turn that can include earning more if that’s in your goals.

    My own methods are very different, and even though I have tried several times in the past, I’ve found it difficult to teach or mentor people in achieving the same level of success that I have. I’ve definitely worked with (but not taught or mentored) a large number of people (thousands directly) that have and do earn at least as much as I do, although I suspect many of them are not as active here at Performancing.

    It seems to me that when many bloggers get into a groove and find the way that works for them to make money, they do very little to step outside of the box and look for even larger ways to make money.

    I truly think that the world needs more bloggers and I think there is only one way that more bloggers will be useful for the world. Bloggers have to improve their skill sets drastically and for many that will mean that they Have to Quit Fooling Around with their Day Job and Get a little more Serious about Blogging.

    I target this comment not at business owners that also run a blog as a marketing extension of their existing business, and I do not target this at bloggers that do work akin to journalism. I do target this comment at all bloggers that create entertaining content whether it is serious, factual, DIY, entertaining. It doesn’t matter if the form comes in text, images, video or audio or all of those and more.

    I’d throw out the Question to everyone

    If you made $5k per month from blogging would you quit your day job and invest $1k a month in your blog?

    You do not have to answer that here, and I do not want your business. I’m not looking to take investment money or consulting money from anyone. That’s not my shtick but you can Google it and probably find a million people that will take your money and then some. I’m only asking it rhetorically to see if people might take blogging more seriously if they earned what I would call more serious money from it.

    In the meantime, I hope you have a great weekend and if blogging is not the greatest thing since sliced bread for you, I hope you love what you do!

  6. You can make money in almost any area, but it isn’t an over night success. I’ve been actively blogging about cigars and related topics for just over a year on my site and while I’ve gotten some money from PPC Ads and Affiliate Links the real money is direct ad sales. I took the time to get established, and make connections.

  7. It’s possible to earn good money blogging, but it also depends on how hard you’re willing to work. I put in at least 8 hours a day maintaining my own blogs and blogs for others. If you have good clients and a good work ethic, you can do very well.

  8. I currently make under 500$ per month, but that is for being paid to write on sites other than my own. I don’t monetize my own domain and from what I can tell, I may be in line to make a little more per month than what I have been.

  9. its not like that. you can make money in other niches than sex. i have a very popular blog about cars, in a 3rd world country. my income in around US$ 3.000 per month. its around the same that a doctor or a lawyer makes here. and i dont leave my house to work. its very nice.

  10. lol…i just do mine little wordpress page because I like doing it–no need to get paid, lol its not even on a level to be a paying blog, not even close…

  11. Providing information/help/resources to people interested in working-at-home with the Internet is a large market online. Also, brick and mortar business that want to get business online as well is growing fast. I tried dating and sex sites and saw little money and did not enjoy the market at all.

    Today, I focus on providing interesting advertising options, advertising co-ops, and ebooks for online Marketers. I have built good lists and it’s actually quite easy to make an excellent living online without going into the dredges of humanity.

    Terah Logan

  12. I have a small hair salon and the blog is piece of our marketing. I have been getting lots of visitors, but it seems wrong to monetize a blog that is really there in support of an existing business. I don’t want the clients wandering off and giving someone else their money!

  13. Unless you’re into sex or dating or who’s doing what to Brittany Spears, I can’t see making money on blogging.

    There are exceptions. Those that have something to say, such as performancing which teaches you how to be a better blogger.

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