How To Use Pinterest For Smart E-Recruiting

What is Pinterest? It is a fastest growing social networking among recruiters. They say about it “Think social”. It has almost 12 million unique visitors recorded in January 2012.  E-recruiting is done on this social website. It is the third most popular website currently. Every company wants to have a head start in hiring the most talented people.

E-recruiting on pinterest offers two possibilities:

  • How to drive traffic with SEO: Befitted tagging of pins leads to the traffic on this site like every other social site. Corporate recruiters can pin their pictures, logos and their companies’ information as well as job openings using different logos, photos, graphics and links.
  • Candidates’ sourcing: Pinterest provides an opportunity for infographic designers. They give rise to the infographic resume. This is something very popular in Pinterest.

Designing in Pinterest: Corporations recruiting on Pinterest not only look into the information what you have provided but they also look closely into the designing, management of your account, comments on your page, your understanding and solid aesthetic appreciation. You need to give a lasting impression to the companies who are visiting your page.

Therefore, while setting up an account on Pinterest, you must be careful of the arrangement, designing and comments on your page other than providing information or content about yourself.

How to get started with Pinterest? In order to have an account on Pinterest, you need to have contact with someone who already has an account on Pinterest so that he/she can send you an invite. This way, the process of having an account on Pinterest will speed up.

To get your profile completed, you need to do the following:

  • Include a photo, ideally your logo.
  • Website, so job seekers can easily approach you.
  • Location, so they know where they might be working.
  • A brief cover letter which tells about you that who you are and your requirements.

Next, you need to have an attractive title on your board page like “we are hiring!” or you can also put the role on board that what exactly are you searching for. Example: Art, Education, Technology, Designing, Fitness and if none of the roles fit into what you want then you can go for “other” option.

How to use Pinterest for recruiting? Pinterest provides an opportunity to reach talent first in all. Here are some tips how you can use Pinterest to get your next talented employee.

  • Building a pin board for each job: Creating different boards for each department makes it easy for the applicant to find the right board of their interest. For example: Finance, IT, Accounting, Human resource, Marketing, etc.

You can also personalize these boards by pinning photos, logos, head tags. In the end, give a brief job description for each department that you have given.

  • Multimedia pinning: Pinterest is a multimedia channel. Do not limit yourself to pinning photographs only. Enhance your profile and make it attractive to new talent by using new integrations with the help of Vimeo. For example: You can use corporate videos of the technology that you are using to attract new talented and technological candidates.
  •  Promotion of your company’s culture and values: You want someone selling quality- not any random person who can just occupy the vacant position. So add more and more photos through which your company’s culture is evident to the one who is applying. Example: You can attach some photos of any recent event like career planning.
  • Using trends: Make sure that the majority of the users of Pinterest are women. They love to have do-it-yourself projects. They love to pin fashion and travel. Use this thing as your advantage. Attach some photos or detail something like an outfit for the interview. You can also attach the photos of the place where hired candidates are going to work and pinpoint some relaxing place nearby it like a restaurant.
  • Connecting through rapport: Recruiting is not just hiring people. It’s about making relationships with your employees. This is a good tool in making them committed and loyal to your company and keeping most of the talent with you. Remember, you will get what you give!

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