What Are Some Traits of Blog or Blogger Success?

Upon browsing the “about blogging” segment of the blogosphere, I came across a number of posts about what it takes for a blog or blogger to succeed.

Diana Adams offers a list of 22 traits of successful and happy bloggers over at Ink Rebels. Have a look and see how many of the traits you have. What’s your score? At the risk of sounding arrogant, I’d say I have most of the traits but waver from time to time on one or two of them. What about you?

If you think you have most or all of those 22 blogging traits but feel like you’re still floundering, read Glen@ViperChill’s reflections on things he wished he knew about blogging four years ago. They’re very straightforward and might disappoint some of you who are starting out, but being armed with these ahead of time might help you get through the difficult early period of your blog or blogging career. If you have just one take away from Glen, it should be the first item (at least it is for me): it takes time to build your blog’s readership but it gets easier after the “hump”.

Of course, each blog has it’s own hump period that’ll probably feel interminable, depending on numerous factors, including what niche you’re covering, your publishing consistency, content promotion consistency, and of course the value of the content on your  blog. Then again, there are things people don’t want you to know about blogging, as Ideas Bubble puts forth — some of which are amusing, others which are a bit depressing, but all pretty close to the truth. To paraphrase a common saying, knowing them is half the battle.

Ultimately, it’s worth knowing all of these traits and factors, but don’t let them stop you. Move ahead but don’t get blacklisted or ruin your blog with poor planning.