Creative Techniques To Help You Profit From Seasonal Blogging

2010 World Cup FootballAlthough many of us are blogging for the long-term in very specific niches, there exists many more dynamic opportunities to achieve blogging success as well as various styles that can be adopted. Over the years I have learned that there are some of us who have not really mastered the quality of patience and do have difficulty being committed to tasks and goals that require long-suffering dedication that leads to success.

So I have a few ideas through which I can offer some inspiration for the short-term blogger and how you can take advantage of the various changes and seasons of popular events.

Find A Niche That Has A Huge Following

Throughout the course of the year, there are many sporting events and ceremonies that attract lots of viewers and commentators. Events like the most recent World Cup Football Games has attracted the attention of the whole world and it is reported that overall productivity has decreased because everyone is so caught up with rooting their favorite teams. Imagine if you could capture even a small percentage of this focused and yet rare worldwide audience.

At this time of year, searches regarding this event have skyrocketed as football fever spreads. People are trying to find score updates, team bios, match highlights, pictures and videos and the sites and blogs that are particularly focused on this event experience huge spikes in traffic as the entire world searches for information and merchandise related to the games. This is an excellent opportunity to secure private advertising deals, sell merchandise through your blog and gain some dedicated readers that would not otherwise find your blog.

The Basics

There are dozens of events that we can take advantage of through blogging about them. The key is to find the ones that you are truly interested in or can see yourself become interested in and those that have worldwide popularity. Of course, bear in mind that the blog will mainly be setup for the season, whether it is yearly, quarterly or every four years; so its really important that you plan ahead, get your facts right about the events you will be blogging about and have a solid game plan for how you will earn some decent cash during that period.

Take The Time To Get Your SEO Right

It takes at least a couple of months to gain basic authority in google. For an event like the World Cup, it would be good to get your blog setup as soon as the hype and activities start building around it online and off. Begin posting news and other relevant info related to the event while making use of relevant, popular keywords, SEO strategies and start building a solid  position. The earlier you start with these practices for your chosen niche, season or events, the better you will rank since you should have already built up some authority in google.

When the targeted event kicks-off, there should be a massive increase in traffic if you’ve taken the time over the past couple of months to seriously get your blog out there.

Conclusion & Discussion

Once you’ve profited from your chosen season, you can take the time to cool off or think about more unique ways to better monetize the next series or move on to another event.

Has your blog ever benefited from targeting seasonal traffic or any other types of events? Do you think seasonal blogging would be right for you? Please leave us a comment below, we would love to hear about your experiences.

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