How to Write a Good Blogging Bio

As an introduction to someone who may know nothing about you, it just happens to be the most important aspect of any guest post you’ll write. Without a good bio, you risk losing credibility and significant traffic. Consider this your elevator pitch. As such, it should be short and to the point. There are three […]

Google+ Raises the Bar for Bloggers

Not to imply that every blog you write isn’t chocked full of relevant, well-written content, tailored for just the right audience, I’m sure it is, but understanding the real implications of Google+ should have you thinking twice before you hit any publish buttons. More than ever, especially with the advent of the search engine giant’s […]

20 Unconventional Ways To Spice Up Your Blog

Blogging has revolutionized the internet in a way that few other trends have been able to accomplish. Millions and millions of people have found an outlet for their writing and opinions. Anyone who can use a keyboard can literally have their own blog, their own journal up within literally three minutes of reading this article. […]

What it Takes to Run Effective Article Marketing Campaigns

An article marketing campaign is useful when you’re trying to provide information about a business, increase sales and gain traffic to your website. When people search for information on the internet, they usually type in a keyword that relates to what they are looking for. Their search engines then take them a “search results” page […]

Blogging Back to School

In my neck of the woods, a new school year is starting and parents are collectively rejoicing as kids head back for another year of learning.  The timing seems right for a blogging back to school post! With that in mind, following is a refresher on the fundamentals for successful blogging: 1. Publish useful content. […]

Is Your Blog’s About Page About the Right Stuff?

When was the last time you read your blog’s About page?  It’s easy to forget that page when you’re busy writing fresh blog posts, but your About page is one of the most important destinations on your blog.  When visitors land on a post in your blog, they’re likely to read the content, possibly click […]

The Secret to Boosting Search Traffic By Being Fast and Easy

Did you know that sites which load quickly get higher search engine keyword rankings thereby getting more search traffic to their sites than slow-loading sites?  It’s true for your blog, too.  Even Google has admitted that fast load times equate to higher search rankings.  However, most bloggers haven’t taken the time to evaluate their blogs’ […]

Are Blogrolls Defunct?

The blogroll was once an essential part of every blog.  Today, that’s no longer the case.  More and more bloggers have removed the traditional blogroll from their blog sidebars and replaced it — believing that a blogroll is not an effective use of the valuable real estate on a blog’s sidebar. In simplest terms, the […]