5 free photo editors

5 Free Photo Editors For Viral Image Creation

Thanks to the exploding popularity of sites like Pinterest and Wanelo have shown that creating visual interpretations of content (like infographic creation), as well as substituting images for the written word itself, can have a big impact. As the web gets larger and larger, it seems like its users are looking toward a more beautifully-design […]

The Problem with Every TOS You Sign

Last month, a change to the Instagram terms of service (TOS), which was scheduled to go into effect January 16th, sparked controversy as it led many users to believe that photos uploaded to the system could be used in advertisement without payment. Fortunately, the controversy turned out to be much ado about nothing as Instagram […]

Is Your Company on Instagram?

Does your company have a marketing presence on Instagram? If not, it should be looked into. For companies that can share interesting images related to their business, office, products, or services, Instagram might be a great way to get more exposure online via this booming mobile social network. Instagram Marketing It is possible to do […]

InstaBG Delivers Instagram Backgrounds To Your Twitter Account Automagically

While I take great pride in managing my Twitter account through user interaction, quick responses to questions and sparse sharing of my own personal posts I don’t care much for updating my background so it remains fresh upon user visits. It’s for that reason that I began using and highly recommend the program InstaBG. The […]