Google+ Raises the Bar for Bloggers

Not to imply that every blog you write isn’t chocked full of relevant, well-written content, tailored for just the right audience, I’m sure it is, but understanding the real implications of Google+ should have you thinking twice before you hit any publish buttons. More than ever, especially with the advent of the search engine giant’s […]

9 Tips for Finding A Reliable Budget Web Host

Can a budget web hosting service give you value for your money? How do you know which features are needed? There are no steadfast rules that can determine a webhosting company’s ability to provide an exceptional experience to the user merely based on price, but then again, you never want to just take the cheapest […]

Boost Your Blog Awareness With These 6 Tips for Successful Blog Contests

Running a popular blog contest is a powerful weapon to kick your tired old blog into overdrive. Not only will you attract a ton of new visitors – who hopefully become subscribers – but you will likely have a lot of fun. Blog contests have graced the blogosphere for years, ever since blogs became the […]

Staging Your Blog to Attract Advertisers

Note: The post is meant for attracting advertisers or sponsors, and it’s not about selling links to SEO guys or link brokers. Everybody knows that the well reputed blogs have their own following, and unique content is appreciated by both readers and (more importantly) the search engines, which means a blog happens to be one […]

Making the Most of Live Chat WordPress Plugins

WordPress is one of the most commonly used platforms of blogging, currently supporting a large number of blogs. It is known for its ease of use (you can install and use it even if you don’t have a technical bone in your body) adding quality and distinct features to the blogs, furthermore, the search engine […]

The Laws of Brand Focus and Contraction and Why Bloggers Should Care

I’m a marketer by profession, and one of the basic laws of building a brand tells us that a highly focused brand is stronger in the long-term than an unfocused brand.  In other words, the most powerful brands own a word in people’s minds. On the other hand, there is another marketing law that tells […]

The Secret to Boosting Search Traffic By Being Fast and Easy

Did you know that sites which load quickly get higher search engine keyword rankings thereby getting more search traffic to their sites than slow-loading sites?  It’s true for your blog, too.  Even Google has admitted that fast load times equate to higher search rankings.  However, most bloggers haven’t taken the time to evaluate their blogs’ […]

5 Easy Ways to Give Your Blog an Overhaul

It’s summer where I live, and summer is a great time to give your blog an overhaul.  That doesn’t mean you need to invest hundreds of dollars or more on a new design, but it doesn’t mean you need to invest hours upon hours either. There are a number of things you can do that […]