Why You Should Backup Your Blog

It would be nice if all bloggers had to worry about was coming up with the next great post.  But in a world of constant security threats, even WordPress blogs need to up backed up once in a while.  And it’s better if you can backup your blog on a daily basis if you are […]

5 Easy Ways to Give Your Blog an Overhaul

It’s summer where I live, and summer is a great time to give your blog an overhaul.  That doesn’t mean you need to invest hundreds of dollars or more on a new design, but it doesn’t mean you need to invest hours upon hours either. There are a number of things you can do that […]

Get More Page Views – Add LinkWithin to Your Blog

Want to get extra page views on your blog and encourage visitors to read some of your older posts?  If you use WordPress.org, there are a variety of related posts plug-ins that can help you automatically display links to related posts at the end of each of your blog posts (I like YARPP – Yet […]