Tapping industry players for relevant, timely content

Improving blog traffic means hooking visitors to your blog and giving them something that will make them go back again and again. One way to do this is to providing relevant, up to date information on topics related to the general theme of your blog.

Blogs are about information; it is one of its key elements. Providing good, relevant information takes work and dedication on your part. For example, providing relevant and up to date information means knowing where to go online to get the latest news and information. To do this, a good idea will be to identify the major players in the field you are writing about and follow their own feeds.

Go to the communication venues where these industry players an top industry sources provide their information. This could be their web sites, various social media accounts like Twitter, or podcasts. Subscribe to their RSS feeds so you’re sure to get new information or the latest news as it arrives. This ensures that you’re always on top of the latest happenings in the industry you write for in your blog.

So you’re already in the loop. You have the latest information at your disposal. How do you make your blog content unique from what is being generated by these industry players and sources? Simple. Give your own unique take on the hottest topics. You can make a critique on the issue, an op-ed piece or talk about the issue from a different perspective. These are unique ways of presenting a topic that is popular and sure to get the hits you need to increase blog traffic.