Series 1: Hosted by Ryan Caldwell and Chris Garrett

Episode 0.5: Darren Rowse interview

Ryan and Chris kick the PerfCast of with a pre-series episode and interview blog rockstar par excellence Darren Rowse.

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Episode 1: How to build a powerful blog

Where Ryan and Chris talk about How to Build a Powerful Blog.

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Episode 2: The Pop Crunch show

Where Ryan and Chris talk about the Pop Crunch show and differences with traditional media.

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Interview with Lyndon Antcliff

Where Chris interviews Lyndon “The Linkbait” Antcliff.

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Episode 3: The Long Term Value Episode

Where Chris and Ryan talk about Long Term Value versus Short Term thinking and manage to mix about 20 different examples into a yummy metaphor stew!

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Episode 4: How to Choose a Social Media Site That Fits Your Blog

Where Dee Barizo discusses how to select the most appropriate social media site for your content.

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Series 2: Hosted by David Peralty and Jeff Chandler

Episode 1: Perfcast returns

This episode marks the beginning of the newly relaunched Perfcast. A podcast which talks about everything blogging. Join us as we discuss the latest news and happenings across the blogosphere.

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Episode 2: WordPress and more

The second episode of Perfcast is now available for consumption. David tries out Xlite as a means of calling in and although he sounds better in terms of audio quality, there appears to have been a technical glitch which caused him to fade out every once and awhile during the show. Despite those hiccups, we had an interesting discussion about WordPress 2.7 and the following news stories.

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Episode 3: Patriot Edition

The third episode of Perfcast is now available. Despite having a terrible cold and an even worst sounding voice, I managed to get through the show. My apologies if the scratchy voice is annoying to listen to. With that said, we covered some nifty topics this week and are looking forward to your feedback.

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Episode 4: Interview with Connie Bensen

Episode 4 of Perfcast is available for your consumption. In this episode, I interview Connie Bensen and discuss topics such as social networking, personal branding and community building. Also, we did happen to receive an email this week from a listener in which we covered on the air. No blog challenge entries were covered this week, those will be discussed next week. However, the challenge is still ongoing and that is, for you to write a review. It can be about anything as long as it is not deemed unsafe for work. Enjoy the interview.

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Episode 5: Blogworld Expo coverage

Episode 5 of Perfcast is boxed up and ready for you to unwrap! In this episode, David returns as co-host and describes his experiences at the Blog World Expo. We then dive into this weeks news, round things off with our blogging job of the week and hammer out the show with our new blogging challenge.

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Episode 6: Interview with Deb Ng

I’ll start off by saying that our interview with Deb Ng of FreelanceWritingGigs.com has to be one of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve ever been a part of. David and I both grilled Deb Ng on the topics of freelancing, getting a job in the world of blogging, using your blog as a resume, managing time and much more. During the show, David, Deb and myself shared our unique paths to our current blogging careers. Thanks Deb for being on the show and providing a wealth of information. David and I both want to thank each and every one of you who was in the chat room and who continue to listen and support the show. We truly appreciate it. On with the show!

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Episode 7: WordCamp Toronto and B5Media rate cuts

In episode seven of Perfcast, David introduces us to his new website, BrandingDavid.com. We get a report of what David learned at WordCamp Toronto. We dive into the b5 Media Rate cuts and discuss its possible impact while also highlighting the article published by ReadWriteWeb pertaining to the what the 20 top tier bloggers income levels are. Last but not least, we discussed an article which I believe provides a good amount of food for thought and that is, what is the most important blog metric. The answer may surprise you. All that and more in this gobblygook packed episode of Perfcast.

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Episode 8: Write for Hooters

In this wacky speech impediment episode of Perfcast, David and I discuss a number of topics including, comments and copyright, three ways in which a blog will help you survive the economy, blogactionday, why looking for inspiration is a bad thing, bloggingtips forum competition and basic steps to take to host a blog contest. Also in this episode, I announce that those who participate in the blogging challenge of the week will be eligible to win a free month of Hive.

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Episode 9: All about Habari

This week, David and I completely skipped the news instead, focused entirely on the up and coming HabariProject. Joining us during this special episode was Owen Winkler and Skippy who are both heavily involved with the project. During the hour and a half open mic discussion, David and I questioned what it would take for Habari to become the successor to WordPress, plugin and theme development, the administration interface, the differences between the GPL license for WordPress and the Apache license for Habari, the end goal for Habari and much more. This episode of Perfcast should be helpful to anyone out there who has shown at least a little interest in this new publishing platform. According to some, Habari could very easily become the successor to WordPress.

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Episode 10: Effortlessly make money blogging

The first open mic night event for Perfcast went over extremely well. We had a number of people call in to discuss various news stories of the week as well as a caller who asked a question related to displaying a policy page if you use Ad sense. The first half of the show featured a discussion with Tom Leroux of leroux.ca where we discussed the differences between blogging and writing for print, organizing a group event such as a Mac User group, the type of blog software he uses (Answer may surprise you) and much more.

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Episode 11: Go away pop-ups!

Although we had to reschedule Jim Kukral for Thursday November 13th, the show turned out great as we had a number of things to discuss such as the return of pop ups, third quarter losses in advertising rates, are networks like 9rules still relevant, has blogging grown up, and last but not least, David launches a members only area on BrandingDavid.com. Thanks to DaveAC from the UK who stopped by to voice his opinions on these news stories and more. Another great time had by all.

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Episode 12: Interview with Jim Krukal

Join David and Jeff as we interview Jim Kukral. Jim Kukral is a web marketer & coach, speaker, long-time award-winning blogger, customer evangelist, writer, online monetization expert, and well, a bunch of other things. For years Jim has been working on the bleeding edge of web marketing and business. From owning his own web firms to consulting for some of the worlds largest companies, Jim Kukral has experienced just about everything web related you can think of. Thats why Jim has become one of the Industries most sought after consultants and public speakers.

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Episode 13: Interview with Darren Rowse

The problogger himself will be appearing for an hour on Perfcast to discuss problogging, the success of his co-authored book, monetization, blog networks, the state of advertising, community, what it’s like to be a blogging rockstar and much, much more.

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Episode 14: David goes solo

While those in the U.S. were celebrating a day of giving thanks, David Peralty was stuck with going solo on the show. However, after listening to the episode, I think David did a great job despite the one or two technical snafus. In this episode, David discussed WordPress Direct and it’s shady way of operating, GawkerMedia cutting back jobs but showing record traffic levels, a small discussion on podcasting and much more. Don’t kid yourself David, you held down the fort quite well!

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Episode 15: Interview With Micah Baldwin Of Lijit

On this episode of Perfcast, David and I had the chance to interview Micah Baldwin who is the VP Of Business Development for Lijit.com. Lijit enables you to extend the functionality of the search function of your blog to go beyond the blog to cover the videos you have published on YouTube, your Twitter account, bookmarks, network of friends, and the blogs you read in your RSS reader.

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Episode 16: Managing More Than Forums With Patrick O’ Keefe

Patrick O’ Keefe, author of Managing Online Forums was our special one hour guest. In this episode we discussed a wide variety of topics related to managing forums such as:

  • A short checklist of things to consider before even thinking about starting a forum
  • Describing the difference between managing a forum and managing a blog
  • How can one extend the skills they learn from managing forums to entire online communities
  • What do you think of gated communities like Hive or my own Branding David Members area
  • You are selling one of your blogs, what do you think of people selling “communities”
  • Should every major blog or site have a forum for community interaction
  • What is your best advice for someone who has set up a forum, but it hasn’t become a community

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Episode 17: Interview with Jonathan Bailey

Join David and I as we interview Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarism Today to discuss content theft, blogging, and podcasting.

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Episode 18: Ringing in the New Year

Its been awhile since David and I had the opportunity to discuss the news and various happenings across the blogosphere. In this action packed, somewhat depressing episode of Perfcast, David and I reflect back on 2008 just a little bit and then proceed to dive into the news which their was plenty of this week.

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Episode 19: Sunny side up

On this episode of Perfcast, Jonathan Bailey stops by to give us the 411 on a new Copyright management service offered through Performancing. David and I will also discuss the news of the week, go through your feedback and much more. Perhaps another drinking game?

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Episode 20: The pre-launch

Episode 20 marks the beginning of a new series that will go into detail on everything from the pre launch of a blog to the after party to monetization and more. Each week we’ll cover a different aspect of blogging. Join in and share your knowledge with us!

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Episode 21: Launching the blog

In lesson 2 of our series, David and Jeff share information on what you should do for the big day. That is, the day your blog is officially launched to the public. We’ll talk about sustaining that initial rush of traffic, how to harness the power of the launch and much more.

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Episode 22: Monetization and Advertising

Continuing on with our series, Lesson 3 will be all about Monetizing and Advertising. We’ll cover the basics as well as provide ideas and techniques.

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Episode 23: Content and SEO

Episode 22 was all about making come coin after launching the blog. On episode 23, we’ll talk about ideas on generating great content while covering SEO techniques.

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Episode 24: Interview with Jim Turner

In this episode David and Jeff interview Jim Turner, who has plays a major roll in putting together the Blog World and New Media Expo conferences.

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Episode 25: Open Mic Night

Episode 25 featured an open conversation about anything and everything. Some of the topics mentioned during this show include the state of the economy, generating revenue and online advertising.

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Episode 26: Taste the social media rainbow?

David and Jeff talk about the news of the past week including Davids own Premium WordPress theme.

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Episode 27: Sick and tired

Discussing the news of the week and who knows what else!

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Episode 28: Almost April Fools

Episode 28 of Perfcast featured discussions on Digg.com and what it takes to get on the front page these days, fake Twitter premium accounts which leads to discussion how how Twitter may become profitable, five tips for easy to read posts and much more. Don’t forget to listen to our picks of the week as well as the blogging job of the week.

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Episode 29: Our last Hoorah

Episode 29 marked the last episode of Perfcast that Jeff produced. In this episode, David and Jeff as well as special guest Brad LeClerc discussed the news of the week while also giving props and thanks to all who have downloaded and listened to the show since it rebounded back in August 28th, 2008. I

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The future of Perfcast

We have plans for Series 3 already, and will place details here and on the blog as things happen. Alternatively you can subscribe to Perfcast at Talkshoe, where the episodes are hosted.

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