Episode 4: How to Choose a Social Media Site That Fits Your Blog


#1 principle: Choose a site where your target audience is hanging out.

Don’t choose a site just because other bloggers are talking about it. Digg and Twitter are popular social media sites. However, you may not want to participate on Digg if you have a wedding blog or Twitter if you have a dog blog.

How can you tell if your target audience is hanging out at a certain social media site?

1) Use the search box
2) Check popular blogs
3) Monitor front page
4) Ask bloggers

Here are some under the radar social media sites to consider.

Try a testing and experimenting period of a week to a month.

  • Does the site drive traffic?
  • Do you like the people there?

Focus on one site at a time.

  • There’s a learning curve to know and understand a community.
  • It takes time to build a reputation.

Please leave feedback. Which social media site has worked for you? What niche are you in?


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