Episode 4: How to Choose a Social Media Site That Fits Your Blog

Notes: #1 principle: Choose a site where your target audience is hanging out. Don’t choose a site just because other bloggers are talking about it. Digg and Twitter are popular social media sites. However, you may not want to participate on Digg if you have a wedding blog or Twitter if you have a dog […]

PerfCast Episode 3: The Long Term Value Episode

PerfCast Episode 3 where Chris and Ryan talk about Long Term Value versus Short Term thinking and manage to mix about 20 different examples into a yummy metaphor stew! [podcast]http://performancing.com/podcasts/perfcast-ep3.mp3[/podcast] Download link

Episode 2: The Pop Crunch Show

PerfCast Episode 2, where Ryan talks to Chris about the Pop Crunch Show going daily and differentiating with media. Links: Pop Crunch Show Qik Chris at Qik [podcast]http://performancing.com/podcasts/perfcast-ep2.mp3[/podcast] Download link.