Perfcast Episode 29 – Our Last Hoorah

Episode 29 marks the last episode of Perfcast that I produce. In this episode, David and I as well as special guest Brad LeClerc discussed the news of the week while also giving props and thanks to all who have downloaded and listened to the show since it rebounded back on August 28th, 2008. If […]

Perfcast Episode 28 – Early April Fools?

This weeks edition of Perfcast featured discussions on and what it takes to get on the front page these days, fake Twitter premium accounts which leads to discussion how how Twitter may become profitable, five tips for easy to read posts and much more. Don’t forget to listen to our picks of the week […]

Perfcast Episode 27 – Sick And Tired

This Week, David is feeling a bit under the weather while I am suffering from sleep deprivation. Put us together and you have the unique combination of sick and tired! This week, we cover some of the stories that peeked our interests. We also start a new segment of the show this week in that […]

Perfcast Episode 26 – Taste The Social Media Rainbow

In this reality check edition of Perfcast, David and I give you the lowdown on IntenseDebates launch on supporting plugins as well as Mashables partnership with Disqus and UberVu to try to bring the social networking conversation back to your blog. We also get the low down on David’s premium WordPress Theme. Stay tuned for […]

Perfcast Episode 25 – Open Mic Night

Episode 25 of Perfcast featured a wide ranging conversation from online advertising to the state of the economy. David Peralty was unable to join me as co-host but a few friends of the show decided to call in and so, I simply recorded our conversation. There is not a lot of talk about blogging in […]

Perfcast Episode 24 – Interview With Jim Turner

What a great conversation this turned out to be. Episode 24 featured a special one hour interview with Jim Turner who has turned into the right hand man for the Blog World Expo conference. Jim is also the guy behind One By One Media which is a blog consulting firm. In this interview we discussed […]

Perfcast Episode 23 – Content Generation And SEO

This week, David and I continue our blogging series by discussing Content Generation and search engine optimization. We highligh a number of topics such as DoFollow or NoFollow, Social Media, and a whole lot more. Plus, at the end of the show we provide a great list of resources for you to check out if […]

Perfcast Episode 22 – All About Advertising/Monetization

In episode 22, we gave a very broad overview of monetization/advertising as it pertains to blogging. Continuing with the series “All About Advertising/Monetization” David and I cover a lot of ground as it relates to monetizing the actual blog. I have to admit that after producing this episode, I’ve realized that the scope of this […]