Perfcast Episode 25 – Open Mic Night

Episode 25 of Perfcast featured a wide ranging conversation from online advertising to the state of the economy. David Peralty was unable to join me as co-host but a few friends of the show decided to call in and so, I simply recorded our conversation. There is not a lot of talk about blogging in this episode but we did discuss a number of things that are affecting us in the real world such as the economy. We all discussed the various ways in which we are dealing with the situation in terms of jobs and generating revenue. Hopefully next week, we’ll be back on track to talk about blogging and related topics.

LENGTH OF EPISODE – 1 Hour 7 Minutes

NEXT EPISODE – March 5th, 2009 at 7 P.M. EST

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DOWNLOAD THE SHOW: PerfcastEpisode25.mp3


4 thoughts on “Perfcast Episode 25 – Open Mic Night

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  2. Yeah, the economy is not in good shape but I felt relieved to talk to people coping with the same situation that we all seem to be in.

  3. For some reason skype really didn’t want me on this episode, but I beat it into working for the last couple minutes at least heh. Great conversation, even if it was all pretty much random off-topic stuff 😀

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