Perfcast Episode 29 – Our Last Hoorah

Episode 29 marks the last episode of Perfcast that I produce. In this episode, David and I as well as special guest Brad LeClerc discussed the news of the week while also giving props and thanks to all who have downloaded and listened to the show since it rebounded back on August 28th, 2008. If you were one of these people, David and I sincerely thank you for sticking through the thick and thin and hope you’ll follow us on our future endeavors. What will become of Perfcast? I’m not sure, but I won’t be steering the boat.

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How to conduct a great interview Launches
Is Dad Blogs The Next Best Thing?
Twitter Paid Accounts On The Way?
When do you stop commenting on blogs?

LAST WEEKS POLL QUESTION: Is Social Media An Overused Buzzword?

Out of a total of 51 votes, 33 of you said Yes, 13 of you said No while 5 of you don’t even know what the term really means.

PICKS OF THE WEEK – Simply the best site on the web dedicated to awesome art of all flavors. Also, a great site to browse when looking for a new desktop wallpaper. – My favorite science fiction/fantasy related blog, run by Gawker media. The blog I’d buy/run if I could afford it.

JOB OF THE WEEK Duncan Riley’s Inqusitr looking for a few more bloggers.

LENGTH OF EPISODE – 1 Hour 6 Minutes

DOWNLOAD THE SHOW: PerfcastEpisode29.mp3


2 thoughts on “Perfcast Episode 29 – Our Last Hoorah

  1. More Perf Casts please.. I really got a lot out of all the podcasts you guys did. I learned and I grew. I guess I’ll be looking for you guys on your personal pages? or???
    Thanks for the shows and knowledge.

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