Perfcast Episode 23 – Content Generation And SEO

This week, David and I continue our blogging series by discussing Content Generation and search engine optimization. We highligh a number of topics such as DoFollow or NoFollow, Social Media, and a whole lot more. Plus, at the end of the show we provide a great list of resources for you to check out if you’re into SEO.

Content Generation
Coming up with ideas
Building a voice
Staying Fresh
Tracking News
Commentary on news, social commentary, posting about something written by a competitor

SEO Concerns
What is SEO?
What are factored into deciding the SEO of a site?
How important is SEO?
DoFollow or NoFollow?
What is Pinging?
Do I need a Sitemap?
How much time should be spent on SEO?
How can you maximize SEO in a blog post?
WordPress Plugins for Maximizing SEO?

Social Media
Building Links Naturally
Site Optimization
About Page

SEO Resources
WebCEO – Checking server headers can be a problem, but it’s an essential element to ensure authority is being correctly passed between pages. This tool lets you check your pages and route out those 302 redirects.

SEOBook Keyword Tool – One of the best free keyword research tools available online, this allows you to see search volumes for keywords and suggests alternate key terms.

Compete: There’s both a free and paid version of this onlin tool, which checkjs visitor level and keywords driving traffic to a website. A great way to gain insight.

Site map Generator for Windows – Make XML site maps with a free tool from Google to help get your wevbsute indexed by major search engines

136 SEO Tools – Wide range of tools that covers just about everything you’d need to know regarding your website from an SEO perspective.

Link Analyser – This free tool shows the strength of inbound linkls, the anchor text and how many links to your site users follow

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LENGTH OF EPISODE – 1 Hour 10 Minutes

NEXT EPISODE – February 12th, 2009 at 7 P.M. EST

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5 thoughts on “Perfcast Episode 23 – Content Generation And SEO

  1. I just started listening to your podcasts and reading your content here. great stuff. I really like the lively discussion about themes, other bloggers, and opinions. Also all the how to and informative stuff. Thanks, your really helping my site to “Perform”. Pun Intended.
    Larry “Darkman” Clark

  2. I downloaded the show, thanks for sharing. I was actually using most of the SEO tools mentioned here, apart from a couple. Nice coverage overall, will be looking forward to next episodes too.

  3. This post is really helpful. It is like quality check list useful at final check point. Sometimes I wonder how to learn all these 136 SEO tools. I just looked for how dofollow or nofollow would effect the SEO & SEM. I agree dofollow blogs are abused by non related comments that add nothing to the post itself. I am interested to see this topic in “SEO Concerns”. I feel explanation about this topic adds value to the forthcoming posts. Regards.

  4. Many thanks for the great SEO tools not sure if you are aware of these tools but they are also pretty good www. and www.

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