Perfcast Episode 26 – Taste The Social Media Rainbow

In this reality check edition of Perfcast, David and I give you the lowdown on IntenseDebates launch on supporting plugins as well as Mashables partnership with Disqus and UberVu to try to bring the social networking conversation back to your blog. We also get the low down on David’s premium WordPress Theme. Stay tuned for considerable changes to the show in the near future.

IntenseDebate Launches Plugins
Bringing The Conversation Back To Your Blog
David Launches His Own Premium Theme
Great List Of Online Applications
Taste The Social Media Rainbow?

WEEKLY LISTENER POLL: How Many Domains Do You Own That Are Laying Dormant?

Out of a total of 186 votes: 23 voted none, 74 voted 1-5, 37 voted 6-11, 9 voted 12-17, 8 voted 18-23, 35 voted 24 or more.

NEXT WEEKS POLL QUESTION IS: Has The Economy Affected The Way You Blog?

Results will be read in next weeks episode

JOB OF THE WEEK In this weeks edition of the Job Of The Week, David and I have a conversation related to how employers are upping the ante when it comes to even being considered for the writing gig. We also talk about when it is and is not appropriate to ask people to work for free. We’d like you to publish one well written post per week to your own blog, which you will write yourself, based on a press release from our client. Requirement – 2 example articles which have gotten FP’d on Digg or Reddit b5media looking for free content


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4 thoughts on “Perfcast Episode 26 – Taste The Social Media Rainbow

  1. Yes, I agree. But that is the case with what seems like every podcast I have produced or have been a part of. There is some sort of mindset of relaxing or not knowing you’re being recorded that just makes people open up. Not sure how to convert that kind of stuff to the recorded part of the show lol.

  2. It was great to be able to join you guys, even just in the chatroom. I must say the post-episode talks were probably where the meat of the discussion was, if you know what I mean.

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