Perfcast Episode 15 – Interview With Micah Baldwin Of Lijit

On this episode of Perfcast, David and I had the chance to interview Micah Baldwin who is the VP Of Business Development for Lijit enables you to extend the functionality of the search function of your blog to go beyond the blog to cover the videos you have published on YouTube, your Twitter account, bookmarks, network of friends, and the blogs you read in your RSS reader. As part of the interview, here are just some of the topics we discussed:

  • What it’s like to operate a tech company outside of silicon valley
  • The benefits of using Lijit versus your standard run of the mill blog search
  • Monetization opportunities by using Lijit
  • Will Lijit improve upon the existing WordPress Plugin
  • How Lijit will continue to improve the service

Also, there are a couple of things stated in the interview that could be labeled exclusive but you’ll have to tune in to figure out what those are.

LENGTH OF EPISODE – 1 Hour 11 Minutes

NEXT EPISODE – December 11th, 2008 at 7 P.M. EST

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2 thoughts on “Perfcast Episode 15 – Interview With Micah Baldwin Of Lijit

  1. Hey, thanks guys. I sent Jeff a question recently (how can I drive meaningful traffic to my blog when I don’t have a lot of time for social networking and don’t want to join a blog network. I listened to both of your comments with great interest. You both expressed important things for me to consider and I think you were both spot on regarding my situation. Based on what you said, here’s my plan:

    I’m going to find a couple blogs or forums and get involved with posts and comments. If I only focus on a couple well-targeted blogs or forums, it shouldn’t consume so much time to begin some social networking. By getting involved,I’m also supporting the efforts of others and promoting a topic or site that is important to me.

    As for joining a blog network, perhaps I should reconsider. On this front, I’m going to explore and try to learn more about them to see if there perhaps is value in them for me.

    Thanks a ton!
    J. Scott Milford

  2. …the release last night included the ability for publishers to price and sell their own search ads. Check the advertise link in the upper right corner of search results…

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