Perfcast Episode 6 Featuring Deb Ng

I’ll start off by saying that our interview with Deb Ng of has to be one of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve ever been a part of. David and I both grilled Deb Ng on the topics of freelancing, getting a job in the world of blogging, using your blog as a resume, managing time and much more. During the show, David, Deb and myself shared our unique paths to our current blogging careers. Thanks Deb for being on the show and providing a wealth of information. David and I both want to thank each and every one of you who was in the chat room and who continue to listen and support the show. We truly appreciate it. On with the show!

LISTENER FEEDBACK – John Roach of wrote in to ask how to get into the blog copy editing business. Tune in to hear our answers.

Each week, David and I like to look at the jobs available in blogging and related industries. We cover jobs that catch our eye, and hopefully don’t pay too poorly. We will feature one of these jobs on each episode of Perfcast. This week, we gave the honors of the job of the week to Deb who did a great job.

BLOGGING JOB OF THE WEEK – This information will be added as soon as I get it. But listen to the show to hear this weeks job of the week.


JeffC –

John Roach


BLOGGING CHALLENGE – The challenge this week is to write a blog post that receives 10 comments or more, not counting your own. Pick a specific post and aim for 10 comments. If you are unsure as to how to accomplish this objective, tune into the show as we all provide a few tips on how to engage your readers.

The blogging challenge is provided as a means of challenging yourself with a specific duty each week. David and I will be participating in each challenge and will be highlighting various entries from the previous challenge. To have your entry viewed by David and I, leave a comment with a link to your entry on this blog post. You may be the entry we review on the next episode.

LENGTH OF EPISODE – 1 Hour 12 Minutes

NEXT EPISODE – Thursday October 9th, 2008 at 7 P.M. EST

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4 thoughts on “Perfcast Episode 6 Featuring Deb Ng

  1. Damn, you were about a half hour too late and we couldn’t mention the entry on the show. However, thank you for participating and trying to get past the challenge. Take the next one on a little bit earlier heh.

  2. I took you up on the Blogging Challenge this week. There are several ways to get to ten comments. I opted to go the non-confrontational route and instead hit up my regulars in a roll call of sorts, while maintaining the usual snark.

    This is appealing to regulars for two reasons. First, any of them who are bloggers will love the link juice and might be keen to respond. The other reason is that because they are regulars, the chances of them commenting rise.

    At the time of me writing this comment, only five have responded. I expect five of the remaining will respond. If not, I’d appreciate you mentioning this if you don’t have any better prospects for the show. Thanks.


  3. I really enjoyed hearing Deb Ng on your show. Lot’s of great info for bloggers from Deb, David, and of course Jeff.

    Wanted to point out when Deb promo-ed her show on Blog Talk Radio, she left out the “dash” in the url:

    Hey… there’s one of us in every group, huh?

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