Perfcast – Copyright And Plagiarism With Jonathan Bailey

I want to thank Steven Hodson, DaveAC, Patrick O’ Keefe and Mark E. for helping to co-host the show with me last night. Our special guest was Jonathan Bailey of During the show, we discussed how you can stop Internet plagiarism, copyrights, enforcing your copyright, tips and tricks to help combat content theft and much more. Be sure to bookmark Jonathan’s site as it contains stock letters for sending out cease and desist letters, DMCA notices, and more.

Also, Jonathan keeps tabs on the Legal Issues section of the Performancing forums which will be included in the Performancing Reboot. If you have questions pertaining to copyright or content theft, ask them in the forum.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: This was our last episode of Perfcast for 2008. Our next episode is on January 1st, 2009.

LENGTH OF EPISODE – 1 Hour 50 Minutes

NEXT EPISODE – January 1st, 2008 at 7 P.M. EST

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2 thoughts on “Perfcast – Copyright And Plagiarism With Jonathan Bailey

  1. Very good episode!

    I should mention that most content scraping is automated and stenography is old school! Wish I would have been there, would have been fun.

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