Time To Update That About Page

Well, it’s near the end of 2008 and I think now is a great time to remind everyone to check your About page on your blog and update it with current information. I think too many of us create the About Page when we initially launch a blog and then we never update the darn thing. Take this opportunity to mark down your achievements for prospecting employers to see, rethink your priorities for the blog and update your goals for the new year as they relate to the site. All in all, just make sure the information is current. Try to make it a habit to update that page at least once a month if necessary because I feel that it is the most sought after page that visitors look for, especially new visitors. Also, I can’t tell you how dumb I feel when I read a persons bio information on a podcast only to be told that the information is out of date and that they will need to update their about page.

So what do you say, will you help me spread the word?

13 thoughts on “Time To Update That About Page

  1. I have about me page in my site, but i don’t think i have any information to be updated there, the only thing that i change there every year is the year itself.

  2. Yes, you are right that it’s time to update our About Me page. It’s almost quite some time already. I am also working on putting in new blog theme too.

  3. Yeh, I agree that monthly is quite often. I don’t think that information changes that frequently. But it should be checked every six months or so…

  4. I agree that taking a look at your about page makes sense. I think annually definitely is a good idea – monthly is probably asking too much of most bloggers.

    There are different options for what to include, but I think it is wise to include an overview of the blog and links to some posts you would suggest for first time visitors. Think of it as a way of helping someone decide if they want to subscribe to the blog feed.

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