Introducing Performancing Legal with Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan BaileyPerformancing is happy to announce a new Performancing Service, Performancing Legal. Performancing legal is a new series hosted by Jonathan Bailey from Plagiarism Today.

Jonathan will weekly answer a question from one of our readers and help you with his advice based on many years of experience. Every Wednesday we will announce next week’s episode and open the question round. Jonathan will answer one question every following Tuesday.

About Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan Bailey writes at Plagiarism Today, a site about plagiarism, content theft and copyright issues on the Web. He is also the manager of, a copyright protection service.
Jonathan also writes for Blog Herald and was recently on PerfCast with Jeff Chandler.

Jonathan is not a lawyer and none of the information he provides should be taken as
legal advice.

Post your questions in the comments and look forward to Jonathan’s answer on Tuesday 18 August 2009.

Photo credit: Jonathan Bailey.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Performancing Legal with Jonathan Bailey

  1. Sounds like a great idea. I would imagine that content theft a big problem? After all don’t many people get their ideas for articles, blog posts and web content from what has already been written online?

    I have come across some sites that block you from copying. I have always wondered how that is done?
    Seems like a good thing to have in place. Is it easy to do?

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