Perfcast Episode 19 – Sunny Side Up

While last weeks show contained a number of depressing news items, this weeks show provided the upshot. Venture Capitalists are still investing in companies with hefty amounts, a hosted blog service disappears, what happens to companies when they don’t pay for their advertising campaign, growing your blog on minimal time, and a model who sells Google are all topics of discussion this week. We also answered a listener email and announced that David and I will be starting a series on the show where we cover the various aspects of Starting, Maintaining, and Exiting a blog. We’ll start from square one and go through the rungs in detail.

Next week is the first episode in this series called ‘The Blog Prelaunch‘. Things you should do or think about before you decide to create a blog.

JournalSpace Disappears

VC Funding Still Happening nails 5.4 million bucks
Evernotes Nabs 4.5 million bucks
JibJab Gets 7.5 million bucks

Model Sues Google For Information on Snarky Blogger

Non Paying Advertisers

Twitter Accounts Phished

Growing Your Blog on Minimal Time

LISTENER FEEDBACK – In this episode, we answered a listener email. You can give us your feedback by shooting us an email at, [email protected] or leave a comment on this blog post.

Sent by ConorP – What is the best way to get more visitors to a new blog. For example: I write a good blog post and don’t get any comments.

BLOGGING JOB OF THE WEEK – Found thanks to Freelanceswitch – Independent Mac Apps Blogger

We’re launching an experimental blog about independent mac apps and need a part-time blogger to review and write about mac apps like these ones:

You’d be writing about 5 – 10 posts per week, a mix of short news posts, reviews and occasional round-ups.

You’ll need to have some experience blogging and be a mac fan with lots of knowledge of mac apps.

LENGTH OF EPISODE – 1 Hour 9 Minutes

NEXT EPISODE – January 15th, 2009 at 7 P.M. EST

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