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How to Utilize Facebook Insights

Facebook released an analytics dashboard for Facebook Pages, called Facebook Insights,  a few years ago. Since then, it has gotten more robust and able to show administrators several different types of data. While it is great that Facebook is so thorough, the multiple-column spreadsheet can be a little overwhelming. (It is  also impressive to show […]

How to Get User Generated Content for Your Blog

One of the things that’s fascinated me is how blogs can get their readers to create content for them for free. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that user generated content (UCG) can be a great boon for your blog. UCG allows you to have more content for less work. Once you start getting […]

Lifestreams of History – How Will Future Generations Look Back at Us?

The other day, my brother asked for help printing out a paper for his Physics class (ran out of ink, as usual). When I opened the documents he emailed, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at what I saw. Of course, the paper was all about Physics–sort of a brief overview of significant events […]

YouTube Video Alerts For Your Inbox

Many people are already aware of creating news alerts for keywords as they are indexed on Google. But what if you could extend the usefulness of those alerts to videos that are uploaded onto YouTube? That is what a new service called Video-Alerts enables you to do. Video-Alerts is a site that enables registered users […]

Without Good Content – You Have Nothing

There is a great thread in the Performancing Hive Forums which is asking members to write 2-3 paragraphs, sharing one professional tip they have learned over the last 6 months. I participated in the thread which is ongoing and filled with a bunch of great tips but I thought I’d share my response with you […]

Interview With Patrick O’ Keefe Part 1

Here at Performancing, we’ve highlighted various forum software to use in conjunction with your blog. Ahmed Bilal also published an article back in 2007 which explained how to launch a forum on your blog. Once you have the blog up and running, it’s time to manage it. Thats where the expertise of Patrick O’ Keefe […]

A Warning to the Blogosphere About the Potential Increase of Fake Content

Fake stories are gaining popularity because a nice chunk of bloggers tend to skip the tiny details and believe everything they read. Throw social networks like Digg into the mix, and you have trouble on the horizon. I am not one of those people, and I do scrutinize (maybe even too much) nearly every story […]

Better Web Information Presentation: 10 Timeline Tools

In the quest to build comprehensive content for blogs and websites in general, I’ve been looking at ways that I can present mass amounts of information and still make it all accessible online for the average reader. One such way is to use a timeline tool, if your information/ data has a time component. This […]

What To Do When Google Fails To Give Proper Attribution To Your Source Content

Note: Eventually I do cover 4 steps to take when your content is the victim of an over-eager algorithm. But it’s towards the end;-) SEO mastermind Graywolf took a look at my post on the negative consequences of a front page Digg. He concluded that my original source article is getting hit by a duplicate […]