How to Improve as a Problogger, Part 2

Image by┬ásvilen001 Last week, I talked about step one for improving as a problogger. I argued that it was a foundational step to believe that you could improve in any skill and natural talent was mostly a myth. If you are poor at a skill right now, you can become competent at it through practice […]

How to Improve as a Problogger, Part 1

Image by svilen001 Well, this is my second to last post for Performancing. I recently landed a new job that’s taking up a lot of my time. It’s a profit share position so the more time I work on it, the more money I can earn as passive income. Also, I’m starting to run out […]

Where to Find Writers for Your Blog

Image by nkzs One of the best ways to scale your problogging business is to hire competent writers. With other writers on your blog, you’ll be able to generate more traffic and revenue. But it can be difficult to find writers you can trust that will keep the quality high on your blog. There are […]

How to Leverage Inspiration to Achieve Actual Results

Inspiration is a tricky thing. It comes and goes but even if you get inspired on a regular basis, translating that inspiration into actual results can be difficult. I’m passionate about the gaming niche I work in. I have a lot of experience and knowledge so I rarely get writer’s block. In fact, I have […]

Here’s a Sure-Fire and Simple Way to Increase Your Post Frequency

Many bloggers struggle with low post frequency. They know they can post more often but for some reason, they don’t get around to posting as much as they should. For example, some bloggers average one post a week but they feel like they can do better. They think they have time to publish two or […]