LinkedIn groups

How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with potential employees and clients, catch up with co-workers, and connect with other people in your profession. However, many users don’t utilize the benefits of LinkedIn to its full potential. In order to be successful while using LinkedIn, be sure to stay active in other areas besides your […]

How to Get More Blog Comments

Many bloggers are looking to increase the comments on their blog so I thought I’d share my experiences in this area. Number of comments and comments per post are popular stats to look at because they can show how well your blog is doing in developing conversation and community with readers. My stats are not […]

What Do You Do When People Turn Your Blog Into a Forum?

Don’t you just love it when your blog ranks #1 on relevant search queries? I do. Of course, the drawback here is that when a blog post becomes sticky in the number one spot, sometimes you tend to get too many visitors who are not too familiar with the format of your site being a […]

How to handle blog comments left in another language

David has already raised the issue of real comments with spammy URLs, and that’s something to deal with in its own right, but what I often find is comments left in another language (sometimes including a link) which I have to debate what to do with. What can you do with comments left in a […]