Here’s a Sure-Fire and Simple Way to Increase Your Post Frequency

Many bloggers struggle with low post frequency. They know they can post more often but for some reason, they don’t get around to posting as much as they should.

For example, some bloggers average one post a week but they feel like they can do better. They think they have time to publish two or three posts a week.

If you want to post more frequently, here’s an easy way to boost your post count. I found this tip from Switch, a great book about making successful changes in your life.

Action Triggers

You may have heard that written goals are accomplished more often than unwritten goals. You can take this technique further. Studies have show that written goals become even more effective if they are related to a time and place. In other words, the more specific your goal, the more likely it will get done. These goals are called action triggers because they remind you to act at specific places and times.

For example, let’s say you have a goal to publish three posts per week. At the beginning of the week, you should write down when and where you will write the posts.
Your notes could look like this:

After work on Tuesday, I will go to my favorite coffee shop and write a blog post.

After work on Thursday, I will go to my favorite coffee shop and write a blog post.

After breakfast on Saturday, I will write a blog post at my home office.

It’s important to write down your goals. If you don’t write them down, you can easily forget about them. Plus, you have to keep reminding yourself about them so you won’t forget. That takes unnecessary mental effort that can be put to better use.

Making your goals more concrete is also key. When you write down a posting appointment with a time and place, you create a trigger in your mind. When the event happens, you’ll remind yourself of what you need to do without spending much effort. In fact, the action trigger will interrupt your normal stream of consciousness. You don’t have to strain your mind to remember your goal.

Finally, action triggers work because you make deliberate decisions beforehand. I think much of our shortcomings when it comes to not achieving our goals is because we don’t really make decisions.

Your desire may be to post more often but do you really decide to do it? Many of us are basically just hoping we’ll get around to blogging more often. But if we write down our goals and make them specific, we create tangible decision points. Instead of hoping, we’re making decisions and taking control of our future.

Over to You

Create an action trigger today and let me know how it works for you.

Also, what strategies do you use to post more regularly?

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12 thoughts on “Here’s a Sure-Fire and Simple Way to Increase Your Post Frequency

  1. Nice idea,I really like your suggestion of tying a goal to a specific time and place.This makes it a like a to do list to write posts โ€“ which are usually more interesting because they werenโ€™t forced.
    Thank you so much for give me the good information.

  2. I really liked your idea of planning a place outside of my office or home. It adds an element of fun to the whole process and it’s actually fun finding a new and different place to go write.

  3. Nice idea, at first time when I made my blog, I didn’t set any schedule of how many times I would write a post, I just wrote whenever I wanted. But then I became lazy … more lazy … and of course lacked of discipline, even I ignored my blog for few weeks. Now I try to be more discipline and write a post at least three times in a week. Now I have more articles in my blog and I’m happy to see it ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I like your action triggers – great way of keeping yourself accountable. I’m actually in the process of figuring out how to post more right now, and this gave me a few great ideas.

  5. These are great suggestions, especially for me as I am terrible at scheduling my work. This is currently my biggest obstacle, getting better though.. I really need to start writing down my goals as you suggest, as SOOOO many people suggest. I guess I better start listening:-)

  6. I think a great way to write more often is to jot down things you can write about as they come to you.

    This makes it a like a to do list to write posts – which are usually more interesting because they weren’t forced.

  7. I really like your suggestion of tying a goal to a specific time and place. I don’t know that I’ve ever read that idea before but it sounds like it would be effective. Or more effective than simply stating a goal without regard to means and ends.


    Tom Kaye

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